Texas Restaurant is Lifting People's Spirits With These Hilarious Signs

Scarlett Adler

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Anyone in the mood for some Tex-Mex? This Texas restaurant has just won over the internet with its hilarious attempt to lift our spirits, and something tells us you'll be laughing just as much as we did. We should warn ya, though, it's definitely a sign of the times - literally.

El Arroyo, Signs
Instagram via @amandakrystal92

It all started back in 1975 when Austin eatery, El Arroyo, began "Serving up Tex-Mex" with the best side dish there is: "A side of laughs on our famous marquee sign that stands on the corner," as the restaurant themselves put it. Since then?

El Arroyo, Signs
Instagram via @pennyspersonaltouchservices

The quaint eatery has been doing just that, plastering witty remarks on a post right outside their beloved establishment. And well, you're going to want to have a look at the latest ones.

El Arroyo, Signs
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What did they have to say for themselves, exactly? Well, for starters, here's a friendly reminder that "Someone out there is quarantined with your ex," as one post hilariously read. But if, by some chance, that doesn't make you feel at least a little bit better, there's more where that came from.

El Arroyo, Signs
FOX News via SWNS

"I just realized my trash goes out more than me," another sign joked. "Have we tried putting 2020 in rice?" they continued. Well, why didn't we think of that? Safe to say, whether you like fajitas or not, El Arroyo has just won major brownie points in our eyes.

El Arroyo, Signs
Instagram via @cityofthevioletcrown

In all seriousness, the Texas eatery and their hilarious antics are a great reminder to stay positive during these, um, interesting times. That being said, be sure to stay tuned for all of the latest - uplifting, of course - updates.