Teaching Assistant's Hilarious Zoom Lesson Goes Viral

Scarlett Adler

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Screenshot- Twitter via @LoriAMacNeil

How does one make sure their students are paying attention in class? Well, why don't we just ask Lori MacNeil? The assistant professor just went viral for her hilarious attempt to capture her online class's full attention, and something tells us you'll want to have a look for yourself...

Lori MacNeil
Twitter via @LoriAMacNeil

It all started when the Brock University teacher took to her webcam as she welcomed in her Fall Semester students... online. Sure, it's something that, for most of us, at least, hasn't been done before COVID-19, but that's exactly why MacNeil wanted to get it right. So, what'd she do?

Brock University, Students
Instagram via @brockuniversity

From reenacting the magic show from Arrested Development’s Gob Bluth to hilarious cinematic spoofs, the Biological Sciences teacher has been kicking off each of her weekly BIOL 3P51 lessons, well, by making an entrance, to say the least. But why don't you have a look for yourself and tell us what you think?

Yep, are you as impressed as we are? Not only is the teacher's hilarious Love Actually parody getting us into the holiday spirit (Christmas is only 2 weeks away, in case you weren't already counting down), but we've actually never been more interested in, well, learning about science. Don't quote us on that one, though.

Love Actually, Hugh Grant
Screenshot-Youtube via Love: The Home Of Romance / Love Actually (2003) via Universal Studios

What you can quote us on, though, is the overwhelming response @LoriAMacNeil's latest video has garnered online. Then again, are we really that surprised? Well, she certainly is: “It’s just insane,” the assistant revealed of her latest lesson's reaction.

Lori MacNeil, Love Actually
Screenshot- Twitter via @LoriAMacNeil

“I think it resonated with people doing online teaching right now and struggling to make that connection, especially now as the holidays are approaching," MacNeil continued. “It’s about trying to engage the students and get them excited.” Gold star for you, Lori. On that note, happy holidays folks!