Teacher Gets Fired Over Funny TikToks, Starts Comedy Tour


| LAST UPDATE 11/13/2023

By Evelyn Martinez
Teacher Funny Fart Joke
@formerlyfatstephen via TikTok

A Kansas teacher was fired last month after posting TikTok videos about farting on students and teaching his class false facts. Stephen Taylor, a former teacher at Olathe's Mill Creek Campus alternative school, claims that the district asked him to remove four of his "fart" videos under the district's social media policy. 

The school district told Taylor to take the videos down, but he refused. He said that the videos were just part of his comedy routine and that he never actually farted on his students. The school district didn't see it that way. They fired Taylor for violating their social media policy, which says all employees must be professional online. The school board also noted that some of Taylor's videos were recorded in his classroom, which could be seen as unprofessional.

Teacher Fired Fart Joke
@formerlyfatstephen via TikTok
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Taylor says that the school's social media policies are outdated and that TikTok is "alive and well." He even denies ever farting on his students but has admitted to telling them some lies. In one video, Taylor jokes about saving up his "milky lactose intolerant" farts for his students. He said, "I save up big milky lactose intolerant farts. And I drop bombs silently because I'm an adult and I know my body. And then I just let it stew." In another video, he tells his students that Abraham Lincoln invented the car. The district has not commented on Taylor's firing, but it is clear that they did not appreciate his sense of humor. Before he was fired, Taylor told the Olathe School Board, "You are going to vote at the end of this to fire a teacher who has incredible evaluations, great relationships with students, and cares deeply about their success. I am that teacher, and this is all because of TikTok."

@formerlyfatstephen Working the new material the district gave me #Fartgate #Standup #teachersoftiktok ♬ original sound - Stephen Taylor

But Taylor is not going down without a fight. He's since started a comedy tour called The Teacher Shortage Tour and has been reportedly offered 13 jobs from other schools. Taylor says he only started posting on TikTok because the school only paid him $45,000 yearly. Stay tuned to see if Taylor can keep his new job and continue to crop dust students with his "big milky lactose intolerant farts."

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