2023 Super Bowl: A Meme-orable Matchup!


| LAST UPDATE 02/13/2023

By Riley Hammond
Super Bowl LVII memes
Mark Makela / Stringer via Getty Images

2023's Super Bowl was a blast -- figuratively and literally! Fans around the world created some truly humorous memes to capture their favorite moments from this classic matchup. Here's a look.

The Chiefs' tight end Travis Kelce was off to a hot start, producing 60 yards receiving and scoring the Chiefs' first touchdown in the opening quarter. He left the Eagles' defense in his dust, putting on a show for all to see! His remarkable performance was too much for Philly's D as he sliced through them like a hot knife going through butter. And one social media user, called @KingJosiah54, made sure to immortalize the moment on Twitter, posting this hilarious video.

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The video had users laughing to the point of tears - one user commented, "the fact that the catch was almost identical makes it even funnier, while another wrote, "This at Hogwarts?" LOL. What made the Super Bowl moment even more amusing to fans was the reaction of Kelce's brother, Jason, who plays for the Eagles. He appeared to be a little preoccupied with something else when his brothers' big moment happened. Watching the fate of the game suddenly change right before his eyes, Jason Kelce stayed cool as a cucumber and just enjoyed some snacks (Snickers?) while brother tied up the Super Bowl with an equalizing touchdown! It's like he knew it was in the bag.

Jason Kelce super bowl meme
Twitter via @SportsCenterm

But that's not all - the Super Bowl halftime show was just as meme-worthy to social media users as the events of the game itself. Rihanna lit up the stage at the event - and all of social media as well, proving that thrilling action on and off the field makes all events more exciting. Fans witnessed the We Found Love singer and her backup dancers move through cool, flying platforms throughout her killer performance. And it reminded fans a lot of a certain video game we all love. One Twitter user posted a photo of the stage, along with a caption that read, "This is just a smash stage," while another tweeted, "rihanna looks like she's on a MARIO video game level." But the winning meme, in our opinion, was posted by @pattymo, who photoshopped Smash characters into the stage, captioning it, "RIHANNA LOOK OUT." LOL. Gotta love social media!

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