‘Spirit Halloween’ Meme Is Taking Over This Spooky Season


| LAST UPDATE 11/01/2022

By Arianna Morgan
Spirit Halloween Costume Meme
Twitter via @SpiritHalloween

Happy November 1st, everyone! Halloween can officially be filed away until next year, and we can begin focusing on our next favorite holiday- Thanksgiving. However, before we start getting into the turkey spirit, let's talk about the Halloween spirit, or Spirit Halloween, one last time. Leading up to this year's festivities, Spirit Halloween's fake costume memes swept the web and left us dying of laughter at everyone's creativity and ability to still relate to the masses. 

The Halloween retailer has been the subject of viral memes in recent years, as the pop-up store is known to take over random massive vacant spots around the U.S. and just plant themselves for 3 months at a time and then disappear. So, when people began sharing their own hilarious costume ideas packaged in the classic Spirit packaging, the company decided to hop on the trend launching #SpiritHallowMeme. 

Spirit Halloween Costume Meme
Twitter via @Noorthevirgo
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The trend immediately exploded with hilarious costume content, and people were able to use an online template to create their own Spirit Halloween costume meme. Some top contenders of the trend included "Your Ex" with a photo of a large trash bag (ouch) or a Rory Gilmore costume with the description reading "coffee-drinking introvert with multiple love interests." LOL. Speaking of coffee, @CoffeeOvrCardio tweeted a photoshopped iced coffee costume, which includes "happiness, 'I'm not addicted,' 'hopes and dreams,' 'always running late,' and 'I'm Broke.'" We can totally relate to that one. Some other very worthy mentions are the hilarious Mouthy Electrician with "gum included" and, lastly, the Spirit Halloween Store itself, giving some major meta vibes.

Celebs from Jimmy Fallon to Diplo and Ryan Seacrest even jumped on the trend themselves, giving us all the extra laughs. Seacrest hilariously uploaded his "Professional Talker" child-sized costume to Twitter, which includes a "suit, shoes, tie, gold microphone, and extra virgin olive oil." Fellow talk show host Jimmy Fallon uploaded his creation to Twitter for those looking to dress in his beard, which "will make people confuse you more with Jimmy Kimmel." LOL. Well, folks, that's it for spooky season this year; see ya next time!

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