Sparks Fly – Literally, in Hilarious Wedding Footage


| LAST UPDATE 07/05/2022

By Riley Hammond
funny viral wedding tiktok
FG Trade via Getty Images

You can almost always tell how much fun a wedding reception was by the state of the guests who drank and partied their hearts out. One hilarious clip has recently gone viral on Twitter after a guest at a wedding left us with no doubt he had an absolute blast.

The wedding guest apparently had one drink too many, and the consequences weren't pretty. The whole thing started when he got his hands on a pair of celebration sparklers and danced to the music while onlookers cheered him on. He appeared not to notice a pampas grass centerpiece to his left. As he swayed with a sparkler in each hand, he accidentally set fire to the centerpiece, which went up in flames within seconds! And if you thought that would surely cause him to become more alert, you're in for quite a surprise...

wedding fire hilarious viral
raisazwart via Getty Images
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The guests freaked out and screamed, "Ah, fire! Fire!" when they saw the flames. But guess who went right on boogying? In the viral clip, which has now gained 9.1 million views on Twitter, he can be seen calmly staring into the raging fire as he continued to dance behind a female guest at the wedding. And as other guests immediately rushed to get water to extinguish the fire, the dancing man - named Craig or Greg - decided he knew just the trick to put it out quickly. He waved his arms over (or, more accurately, directly into) the fire, with the intention of helping, we're sure - but ended up knocking over the entire floral piece! Surprisingly, the sleeve of his suit didn't catch fire, and neither did his pants when he bravely decided to stop on the flames that were now blazing on the ground.

Needless to say, social media users all over the platform went wild over the hilarious clip, with one user turning the hammered partygoer into a meme. He posted the clip, tweeting, "This how drunk I'm tryna be at my wedding." LOL. Another user joked, "Awareness level: 0, drunkenness level: 98, fireproof superpowers: 100." But perhaps the most relatable comment on the hilarious clip read, "Also a person I admire this week: #Dancing #drunk #wedding guy, because although he had too much to drink and almost made the 10:00 o'clock news, he's celebrating life." And you know what? We couldn't agree more!

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