Son's Hilarious Jokes Crack-up His Dad and Go Viral


| LAST UPDATE 10/17/2021

By Scarlett Adler
Little Johnny Viral Jokes
Instagram via @jeremyfromtiktok

Dominick is a young man with a knack for making his dad laugh. In fact, together, the duo has come up with some great knee-slappers and have since gone viral on Instagram and TikTok! If you haven't already heard these jokes, here are some examples of the funny business that made this dad-son-duo famous.

TikTok Jokes Dad Son
Instagram via @jeremyfromtiktok

Dominick's jokes usually start with "Hey Dad, wanna hear a joke?" which is met with "Yeah, I wanna hear a joke!" from his father. The entertaining sayings typically revolve around a mystery character named Little Johnny. And, it seems that no matter what shenanigans the young man says, this proud pop always catches the giggle bug.

This father and son seem to share the same sense of humor and have even expanded their audience from Facebook to Instagram to the widely popular TikTok. Even though most silly business comes from Dominick Littel, there's no denying that he picked up his love for dad-jokes from dad Jeremy.

While Dominick might be rising to fame as a famous stand-up comedian of the next generation, Jeremy has been building his online presence for some time now. Littel owns and runs Kickass Beef Jerky, a business that has grown from 100K to 2.2M followers on TikTok!

Jeremy Dominick Little Jokes
Facebook via Jeremy Littel

When Jeremy allowed his son to hop online and share some of his silliest jokes, the Littel's realized their impact and decided to keep bringing smiles to people's faces. With the last year being full of many challenging situations, these two committed themselves to spreading laughter whenever possible.

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Little Johnny TikTok Viral
Instagram via @jeremyfromtiktok

While Dominick isn't included in every one of his dad's social media posts, he does appear quite often. And when the little star does get some time in the limelight, there's always a LOL-worthy punch line impressive for such a young man. It seems like Littel Jr. has had some practice in the funny-guy game, with inspiration from a very funny parent!