Son Glues Father's Belonging's To The Roof Until He Notices

Taran Underwood

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Kids love to test how much they can get away with when it comes to their parents. They get a kick out of pushing the limit, so one Reddit user decided to prove just how much.

The username, Seaman The Salor, came up with a plan to see how long it would take his dad to notice that his things had magically landed up on the ceiling. For every day he didn't notice, he would stick another item up there. He then posted a picture of the progress.

The first day he took his dad's glasses. This was a pretty evil move because everyone knows the worst thing about losing your glasses is that you don't have your glasses to help you find your glasses.

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The caption read: "I stuck my dad's glasses to the ceiling. For every day he doesn't notice I will add another of his possessions."

Some users argued with him that this was just unfair since he needs his glasses to see. However, he quickly explained that these were only his reading glasses, so he wasn't being totally heartless.

After 30,000 up-votes, it was clear fellow Reddit users understood his humor and were keen to see what he hid next. One of the users commented: "I find this pure evil and fully endorse it", and another added: "Would love to see how this ends".

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It got to a point where his dad's glasses, his shoe, the TV remote, and the phone cover were all stuck to the roof. In the beginning, he didn't notice considering he had other shoes and the reading glasses weren't that important to him. However, once the TV remote went missing, it sparked a panic.

The Reddit user told his followers when the game was over. He captioned: "Well boys it was a good run, but all things must come to an end."

He did also say that he and his father had a good laugh about it and shared a beer whilst laughing at the comments.