Pranks to Production: SoCal Bros Land Their Own Show


| LAST UPDATE 08/23/2022

By Tabitha Woodcock
Chad And JT Netflix
@chadgoesdeep via Instagram

Who would've thought a few light-hearted prank videos would land two friends from Southern California their own Netflix show?! After going viral from their series of pranks, Tom Allen and John Parr have taken it up a notch. We can never have too many comedy shows - thankfully, these two provide the humor we never knew we needed...

Tom Allen and John Parr - who prefer to go by their comedy alter ego names Chad Kroeger and JT Parr - are just trying to "spread the stoke." This saying is more familiar when catching some gnarly waves, but these guys aren't surfers. They just want everyone to be "completely and intensely enthusiastic... or excited about something." Regarding important matters, Kroeger and Parr went to the extremes to have their voice heard. In 2017, the two advocates went to the San Clemente City Council meeting and documented it on their YouTube channel, Chad and JT Go DeepThey wholeheartedly spoke about the American dream, realizing the "nation was divided over political differences." After gushing over heartfelt stories, one man helped them along the way, Paul Walker. Kroeger and Parr passionately announced that a "12-foot tall steel statue of Paul Walker on the pier" would help make Southern California a super chill place. 

Chad JT Go Deep
@chadgoesdeep via Instagram
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And to our surprise, the city council thought their ideas were pretty cool! As long as a voice is heard, anything is possible. Right? For these guys, their voices landed them a Netflix seriesdescribed as a "half-serious, half-farcical political agenda." It was their 2020 fight to "solve the mask shortage in Huntington Beach" that blew them up. Allen (Chad Kroeger) addressed that they did not expect their videos to become as popular as they have. Now, their new Netflix show will cover a range of fun and features special guests, such as famous DJ Zedd! It has been teased as "the latest show to blur the lines between reality and fiction." Not to mention, the co-masterminds behind the series are Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim from "Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!" Looks like we are in for a ton of laughs!

They might have enjoyed the low-key YouTube spotlight, but Allen expressed that "it was cool to have a production team behind us capturing everything," pushing the ideas of "stoke." Parr elaborated, explaining the show will capture "more of a personal journey" more so than their intimate YouTube channel. One thing is for sure - we can't wait to see what these SoCal bros have in store for the people, airing on August 23rd . Spread the stoke!

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