Meet the Adorable "Snack Bandits" Taking the Internet by Storm


| LAST UPDATE 03/02/2021

By Scarlett Adler
Dylan, Dakota, Snack Bandit
Instagram via @snackbandits_dad

Ah, the joys of childhood. Remember the good ol' days? Back when our only concern was getting our hands on mom and dad's snack stash? Safe to say, we all know how that story ends for most of us. But for two lucky children? Their kitchen adventures seem to be quite successful. And it's turned them into online superstars.

Snack Bandit, Tik Tok
Instagram via @snackbandits_dad

That's right, meet Dakota and Dylan; Otherwise known as the "Snack Bandits." And with good reason. When they're not busy brushing up on their ABCs, the sneaky sisters spend their time raiding the kitchen fridge. Well, attempting to. That is, until dad catches them red-handed.

Ja'Rell, Snack Bandit, Viral
Instagram via @snackbandits_dad

“Oh, y’all are busted! Busted, busted, busted!” their dad, Ja’Rell, joked as he documented the exchange. “What are you doing? What’s that in your hand?” he asked a slightly guilty-looking Dakota and Dylan. But can we blame them? In fact, we can’t help but respect the hustle, girls.


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But don’t think this was the first time the troublemaking toddlers were caught with their hands full. In fact, one look at dad’s social media, and we’d say the girls are professional bandits. And you can bet we're here for it. But it appears we’re not the only ones who feel that way.

Dakota, Snack Bandit, Funny
Instagram via @snackbandits_dad

Boasting over 270 thousand TikTok followers, Ja'Rell's sleuthing ways have landed him quite the following. And from the looks of it? He won't be slowing down anytime soon. But what exactly compelled him to grab that camera in the first place?

Snack Bandit, Ja'Rell, Viral
Instagram via @snackbandits_dad

It all started when he ran to tell his wife of Dylan and Dakota's latest adventures; Only she didn't believe him, as he explained to WKBW-TV. So, what'd he do? Of course, "I started recording all the time!" Ja'Rell proudly explained.

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Dylan, Snack Bandit, Viral
Instagram via @snackbandits_dad

Call it a hunch, but we've got a feeling Dakota and Dylan's snacking ways are far from over. As for what other goodies they'll be finding in the pantry? We guess we'll have to wait and find out. What we do know, though, is that our fridge is suddenly calling our name...