This Family of 6 Is Bringing Big Laughs to Our Screens


| LAST UPDATE 06/30/2022

By Kayla Black
funny viral smith family
Instagram via @smithknation

Sure, there may be tough days filled with tantrums and huge messes in the house, but there are also some hilarious parts of family life, right? And that's what the Smith parents are choosing to focus on - and their #SmithKnation social media presence is doing the work of spreading major laughs online.

This busy household is packed with six big personalities. We've got parents Keeundra and Nick, plus four little ones, Knixia, Knaomi, Knight, and a precious newborn in the mix. Together, they bring big smiles and a lot of noise wherever they go, and the parents have captured that spark and created some hilarious and relatable content for the rest of the world to see! From coordinated outfits to choreographed family dance videos, this clan is taking over social media in style. Plus, Nick and Keeundra use their parenting expertise to throw a little parenting humor our way as well. And, of course, poke fun at the funny quirks of married life. Just last month, the lovebirds raked in thousands of likes for their video dedicated to the ultimate married life dilemma: how to get payback when your husband smacks your behind a little too hard while passing by!

parenting humor viral video
Instagram via @smithknation
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The parents have also found internet fame for the clip dedicated to their different approaches to swimming lessons with their two-year-old. While Keeundra was shown gently bobbing about with her child with some Bob Marley playing in the background, pool time with daddy was a tad different. Nick was shown throwing his mini-me around and getting some big dunks in! "I was waiting for it... Daddy bout to be dunkin her like a chicken nugget," one amused fan commented on the video - LOL! Another fan added, "LOL - He's like, 'go hard or don't go at all!'"

It's safe to say that the Knights know just how to share their family moments to spread some family joy online. You can catch more of their antics over on their Instagram page @smithknation. And stay tuned for more funny moments from the internet!

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