Ski Resort's Hilarious PR Stunt Goes Viral


| LAST UPDATE 01/30/2022

By Conner Goodman
ski resorts funny viral
Instagram via @7springspa

Recently, a hilarious video made waves online of a skier attempting to make their way down icy stairs. The mishap instantly went viral - but the ruth behind the candid clip has recently come to light... Here's what really went down.

The original 1-minute-long recording was posted to Twitter on January 20 by the Seven Springs Mountain Resort in Champion, Pennsylvania. Viewers could see Abbey Way, a local spokesperson, making a report on the weather conditions following a snowy night. As Way explained to the camera, the previous night had brought in a new inch of fresh snow. But there was something behind her that soon caught the audience's attention: a woman could be seen struggling with her snow boots and skiing gear trying to make it down just a few steps. The reporter didn't seem to notice what was going on behind her as she went on giving a jolly announcement (below) about the "fantastic" and "cool temps" that the resort was getting.

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Finally, as the video came to an end, the struggling woman made it down the staircase, still trying to not slip over the snow. Many users took to Twitter to show their concern for the lady, with one writing, "Somebody in the background is fighting for her life!" Another teased, "The person on the stairs would like to have a word, Abbey." Another user tweeted, "Don't let that poor person on the slopes." LOL. 

funny viral ski video
Instagram via @7springspa

While some were worried about the skier, other viewers were skeptical about whether or not she was faking the fall... One Twitter user commented, "If this was intentional, it is the most successful viral marketing of a small company that I've ever seen." Another added, "This is how you advertise. Hilarious." Well, as it turns out, these people were right! The entire video was a marketing stunt to get more views, and it seems like it worked! The Seven Springs resort eventually shared a Twitter update answering everyone's questions. As it turned out, the skier in the background, Candace Weaver, actually worked for the resort as their e-commerce marketing manager! Well, we have to admit they certainly got our attention! Until next time, stay tuned.

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