‘She’s a Ten’ Trend Is Taking Over TikToK


| LAST UPDATE 07/10/2022

By Tabitha Woodcock
she's a ten tiktok
Westend61 via Getty Images

It's the newest TikTok challenge to take over your late-night scrolls: TikTok users have taken it upon themselves to poke fun at someone who's considered a '10.' While this trend originated on Twitter, this is typically where all memes go to die and come back to life on TikTok - where the real fun begins. Thanks to TikTok duets and reaction videos, this is one challenge full of laughs! Here's what to know...

After several iconic roasts, the trend started going viral on June 18th -and users did not waste time jumping right on it! The Twitter threads usually contain the hashtag, the roast, and meme that fits the context, while TikTok has acquired millions of views on all their #shesaten and #hesatenbut uploads. With the number of call-outs taken to social media, there will be at least one point where we feel utterly victimized. But hey, it's all in good fun - right? Tweets have ranged from "#shesa10but she went against Johnny Depp" to "She's a 10, but she still wears navy blue Jordan's like it's 2005." Ouch. Yet, they don't need to start as a 10. Others bumped up status's saying, "She's a 6, but she can parallel park…?", ultimately earning one a few points. Lol!

jake paul tiktok trend
Instagram via @jakepaul
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Online users are definitely the most creative when regarding viral trending TikTok challenges. While this trend started out targeting users, the roasts are submerging onto things like inanimate objects, calling out old classic cars for "being a 10, but costing 8 miles to the gallon", and even cats for "being a 10, but eats her hair every day." These call-outs are either indirect or purely made out of pure creative imagination, though there's always someone out there who might fit the mold. Besides getting behind the camera themselves, viral users and accounts have taken the challenge publicly, randomly acquiring strangers to answer the brutal questions. For all the folks devoted to the popular online store Shein, we have to apologize in advance. Unfortunately, it apparently ranks as a 6. 

@boweryshowroom LADIES HOW DO WE FEEL ABOUT THIS ? 🤔 AND MEN DO WE AGREE? 🗽❤️‍🔥 LET ME KNOW BELOW ! 💋💓 #nyc #boweryshowroom #interview #shesatenbut #publicinterview #fitteds #shein ♬ long way 2 go - ㅤ

What's truly amazing about the world of social media trends today is that 'anything goes.' There have been some pretty noteworthy challenges in the past, from the viral Facebook mannequin challenge to the tortilla slap challenge. Don't get us wrong, these trends are not always just for laughs - but also can contribute to important social matters. A crazy realization that people all around the world are doing the exact same thing, representing the true power of social media today... we can only wonder what trend will be next! Stay tuned.

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