Seals Are Being Taught to Mock Us All

Taran Underwood

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It's bad enough we have birds constantly mimicking the humans who dare to keep them as pets, but now it looks like not even sea mammals are willing to jusst back off and let us be. Is it possible they have disliked us this whole time, or is this about all that plastic we keep throwing into the sea? Researchers at the University of St Andrews in Scotland have been working with grey seals, and they have effectively taught them to mimic humans, musically at least. The university's Scottish Oceans Institute studied three grey seals from birth, keeping track of the sounds the seals were able to make on their own and the researchers then also trained them to make entirely new noises. Of the three seals they worked with, one was particularly talented at mimic the noises the human researchers made. Her name is Zola:

Zola clearly has it out for humans and was all too eager to start making fun of them. She managed to memorize up to ten notes of songs researchers sang to her. She can literally sing the theme tune from Star Wars, because she thinks your love of weird space operas makes you silly. As cute as Zola is, it's a little jarring to see a seal openly mimicking the humans who feed her. She really does not care if you like her!

I guess from a seal's perspective, humans as a species probably do seem a little silly. Don't we know we could be swimming freely in the open seas, being given food in exchange for singing a couple of songs? And yet, we continue not doing that, like a bunch of loons! You can watch Zola and her seal friends displaying their talents below. Of course, some seals have more natural ability than others, but that's okay because the world needs ditch diggers too. Even under the sea!