Hilarious School Musical Announcement Goes Viral


| LAST UPDATE 09/06/2022

By Lily Tipton
School Musical TikTok Viral
@itsmrfinn via TikTok

Some students avoid the drama department throughout their entire time in high school. Others view the school musical as the central point of their time there, waiting anxiously to hear what play has been chosen for the big performance. Understanding the excitement of their students, teachers everywhere have been creating unique and funny ways to make their musical announcements. And as with most things nowadays, it didn't take long for it to become a TikTok trend. One teacher, by the name of Mr. Finn, took this trend to a new level...

It all began with teachers slowly revealing their chosen musical by ripping down one musical from the whiteboard each day. Finally, on the last day, the last musical standing was the winner. As students and viewers watched along, many enjoyed jumping in on the process, gathering clues and hints to find the answer. While this trend picked up speed, one teacher took notes and made it a whole lot better. 

School Musical TikTok Viral
@bigfish.musical via Instagram
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The viral three-part video began with Mr. Finn standing in front of his class on the infamous last day of the musical announcement. "After today, you will know what the musical is," he excitedly told them. "You know the drill, here we go," he said as the students began to drumroll, and the three last musicals were up on the board. He then tore one off, followed by the other two, Marry Poppins and Beauty & The Beast. "What?!" the students could be heard yelling. 

@itsmrfinn Part 1: The FINAL day of our musical reveal. #musicteacher #music #musiceducation #musicaltheater #musicaltheaterkidcheck ♬ original sound - Mr. Finn

The second clip, which has amassed the most views of the trilogy with 40 million views, continued hysterically. "Oh no, I actually didn't put it up on the board," Mr. Finn said while looking around the room in pretend shock. "You are cruel for this!" one student shouted out. He then ran to his laptop, opening up a file named "in case of an emergency" and projecting a video of himself up on the screen. After a brief discussion with his video-self, he finally uncovered a confidential envelope. "Alexa, play musical announcement!" Mr. Finn commanded, met by a fake buffering video to build up suspense. Finally, The Addams Family came up on the screen, and the students erupted into cheers and screams of excitement. Instantly, the comments section was filled with people wishing they had a teacher like Mr. Finn! And we can see why!

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