Funny Plot Twist: Salon Notices Client's Bad Haircut Goes Viral


| LAST UPDATE 07/31/2023

By Riley Hammond
Megan funny viral haircut
@mangorigsby via TikTok

There was a TikToker who was on a quest for a sassy wolf cut. What's a wolf cut you ask? Well, imagine the love child of a shag and mullet. She wanted this as part of her 'mommy makeover' after having her third kiddo. But oh boy, did things go south!

Megan, aka @Mangorigsby, is a mom, lifestyle creator, and a corgi mix named Kirby’s personal paparazzo. She's based in sunny California, where unfortunately, her dream of sporting a fierce wolf cut went to the dogs. She had Rapunzel-like tresses that she was ready to chop for a more edgy look. But when she revealed her new do, it was like a scene from a horror movie. She found herself in her car, alone, staring at uneven bangs, mismatched layers, and what was less like a wolf cut and more like a bob that had seen better days. This hair-raising reveal got a whopping 11 million views.

woman TikTok haircut viral
@mangorigsby via TikTok
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Her TikTok fam was fuming! One wrote, "They did you so dirty." Another chimed in, "Omg no. if my hair was that nice before and I got that I'd have to sue for emotional distress! I would cry!!!" But Megan, being the non-confrontational sweetheart she is, tipped the stylist full price and skedaddled outta there. "I know it's pathetic," she confessed, but she also admitted that the TikTok community's support was boosting her courage. In a plot twist, the salon saw her video, and the owner offered a do-over. But Megan, forever the nice girl, felt bad. She didn't want to point fingers at the stylist, who she said was very nice. She was more miffed with the salon. She said, "There's just a level of assumption that when you go to a nicer salon, you would think all of the stylists have a certain level of skill sets."


Some thoughts.

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Megan declined to comment further to Insider, fearing it might stoke the fire. But her supporters had her back. "But you still weren't even mean in your video! You're so nice dang it!" one person wrote. "30 year hair dresser here, you're 100 percent right! And you have nothing to feel bad for!" another added. So folks, the moral of the story is, if you're going for a wolf cut, make sure you don't end up with a sheepish bob.

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