Ryanair's Witty Humor Takes Over TikTok


| LAST UPDATE 10/24/2023

By Riley Hammond
Ryan Air funny viral
RON ROV via Pexels

This airline's humor on TikTok is taking off faster than a jet on a runway! The budget airline sensation has decided to show the aviation industry what real PR looks like, and users on the social media platform are absolutely loving it.

While other airlines are busy posting picture sof their perfect flight attendants with gleaming smiles, Ryanair's over there like, "€19.99 or €136,000,000? Your choice!" They mock passengers complaining about boarding from the tarmac instead of a fancy jet bridge. If you're not satisfied, their message is clear: "Bring your own plane, honey!" The sass is real. And when it comes to passengers who jump up as soon as the wheels touch the ground, Ryanair says, "Bestie, don't be that basic!" They loop a video of someone standing while everyone else is sitting, and it's chaos. We couldn't agree more - don't be that person! Grab your in-flight magazine and sit tight. Not only that, but Ryanair's been serving up jokes about stuffing your carry-on bag to avoid extra baggage fees. They've even taken jabs at the "leg room hackers" who think they've cracked the airline system. Seriously, we're all in this tiny tube together.

Markus Winkler via Pexels
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They're not afraid to poke fun at themselves either. They've said, "At least we give you complimentary toilet access." Yup, they've got a sense of humor about their "no frills" reputation. But what's really shocking is that this strategy is working! With over 2.1 million TikTok followers and viral videos getting tens of millions of views, Ryanair is soaring high. And it's not just because of their profits, which reached a staggering €1.43 billion ($1.53 billion). It's also because they've won over the hearts of younger travelers.

@ryanair Who you kiddin’ #woah #baggage #ryanair ♬ original sound - Ryanair

In fact, the airline has such a sense of humor that, when the Group CEO got pied in the face by environmental protesters in Brussels, their response was surprising. Ryanair actually took it like a champ and called it a "warm welcome in Brussels." LOL. BRB, we're going to book our next flight with this hilarious airline!

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