Here's Why This Adorable Rottweiler is Going Viral


| LAST UPDATE 12/26/2021

By Kayla Black
funny instagram account dog
Instagram via @harleybear_therottie

When we think about Rottweilers, we often think of them as muscular and intimidating pets that make for perfect guard dogs. And while that may have been true at some point in time, the truth is that with the right "pawrents," these pooches grow up to be lovable babies. Just take a look at Harley for example!

rottweiler viral funny video
Instagram via @harleybear_therottie

Like so many big breeds with a history of military or police service, Rottweilers have gotten some bad press over the years. But thanks to Harley and her owner, this viral dog is breaking the stigma one hilarious post at a time. This young purebred rotti, who is on her way to turning two years old, has stolen the hearts of many dog lovers on Instagram thanks to her hilarious content. Her owner frequently posts "expectation versus reality" videos, which highlight just how incorrect the Rottweiler reputation can be and how silly these dogs are at heart.

One of the fan-favorite clips shows Harley's "killer instincts" as she licks a stranger upon meeting her, while opting to bark relentlessly at a leaf blowing in the wind instead. "Guard dog mission successful," the caption read for the video. "No leaf shall enter our property. Who else has a dog that guards them from the most ridiculous things?" The post raked in over 780 thousand Likes from fans from all over the world. "These babies have the biggest heart!" one user wrote in the comments.

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And that's just one of the many clips that have turned Harley into an internet sensation! From videos highlighting her sassy trouble-making ways to LOL-worthy problems that any owner with a puppy would relate with, Harley has melted hearts and broken stigmas since breaking into the social media scene. And all while bringing big laughs thanks to her signature smiles and floppy ears.

Looking to join in on the laughs? You can find more adorable Harley content that will be sure to bring a smile to your face over at @harleybear_therottie on Instagram. And be sure to check back soon for more funny viral moments!