Reddit User Shares Hilarious Wordle Exchange


| LAST UPDATE 03/15/2022

By Riley Hammond
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Perhaps the only thing more frustrating than trying to guess the five-letter word-of-the-day in six tries is teaching a parent to do so - especially if English is their second language. And that's precisely the challenge one Wordle fan was faced with...

"I tried teaching my immigrant father Wordle yesterday," read the caption of a now-viral post, shared by Reddit user mrbenten. According to the story, the struggle began before the game even kicked off, when the Wordle player apparently tried to get their father to start the game off with any random word.

viral wordle reddit thread
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However, their attempts didn't quite go as planned. "Ok, to start off you just need to guess a 5 letter word," they said, to which the father replied with, "Ok, you pick." LOL. Not quite what the Reddit user had in mind. They tried to explain that that's not how the game works, saying, "Dad I already know the answer. You have to pick one." After a few moments of the dad claiming they "can't" choose a word, their now-exasperated mentor said, "Dad you know 5 letter words. Just pick one. It can be any 5 letter word." When the user explained they couldn't choose the word for him, the dad hilariously said, "Ok, too bad. I lose." LMAO.

"5 minutes later, we've miraculously gotten a few guesses in. His last guess is PATCH. All letters are green except the first one," the story continued. The user then hilariously revealed what their dad's next guess was, and to be honest, we didn't see it coming! After explaining that "the word has to end in ATCH," the Reddit user heard their father say, "Ok, try tatch." When the user tried to explain that "tatch" isn't a word, the father defended his choice insistently, exclaiming, "What do you mean tatch isnt a word? It's a word!" The user then explains they tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, and asked their father what "tatch" meant - and the dad's response was priceless. "You know, like 'I'm tatching you.' 'I'm tatching the wall.' Tatch!" LOL. "Dad, that's TOUCH," was the Reddit user's frustrated response - but the dad wasn't having it. "Oh. Same thing," he replied. The hilarious but wholesome story made Reddit users instant fans of the dad, with one commenting, "this story tatch my heart." Honestly, ours too. And if anything, we can totally relate to the hilarious frustration brought on by the popular word game.

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