The #RecordMe Trend: Headed to a Street Near You!


| LAST UPDATE 07/27/2022

By Lily Tipton
record me tiktok trend
Instagram via @_changwa

There's a whole new kind of danger lurking on the streets nowadays. So much so, we'd say it's safer to travel in twos when out in public. What is this threat, you ask? Well, a very high dose of social interaction, and quite frankly, not everyone is prepared for it. With this latest #RecordMe TikTok trend, people are being accosted in public, handed over a phone, and asked to record a complete stranger doing all sorts of chaotic things. Let's break down all the who, what's, and why's of this hilarious fad...

It all started in April 2022 by TikTok users who will stop at nothing in an attempt to get the perfect shot - something that will get everyone talking and turn them into an overnight sensation. After handing over their phone and saying the dreaded words, "Can you hold my phone for a quick TikTok video?" innocent bypassers are brought in on the madness. So what happens next?

RecordMe TikTok Challenge Viral
@bigguyjon via TikTok
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There's no limit to what the TikTok creator will do for the camera. Galloping around the streets like a horse, yelling at the poor stranger to stop filming them, or even high-energy cringe-worthy dances, the strangers are recording it all. It's an opportunity for the users to go all-out because, as TikTok history has taught us, the more out-there you are, the more likely you are to start a trend. With the social media platform championing itself as a non-judgment zone, this #RecordMe is truly testing the limits of this sentiment. Throwing all social norms out the window, these people are doing what's needed to get some much-needed laughs out in public. 

@dndjejdjdjd900 Replying to @jordon.1111 ♬ original sound - Pcoolz89

On the flip side of the camera, those being approached by the TikTokers have had a range of responses. While many laugh and are happy to join in on the fun, some have run off screaming in fear. Those who are able to stick it out for the duration of the recording are being praised by the internet. Four months into the trend, videos with the hashtag #RecordMe have reached a staggering 60.8 million views. Put simply: they are everywhere. Whether it's Wal-Mart, the beach, or even a gas station, nowhere is safe. How would you react? Start preparing yourself for the inevitable - the next victim could be you. 

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