Realtor Goes Viral After Posting Parody Listing


| LAST UPDATE 01/23/2022

By Kayla Black
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Instagram via @aserealty

If there's one universal truth about cities in northern North America, it's that the winter months are cold, and the real estate market can be even colder - with unreasonable prices, that is! Luckily, one Toronto-based realtor has decided to add a little humor to the situation by posting a parody home listing on her TikTok account. And based on the viral response, it clearly delivered some LOLs in addition to being painfully relatable to many.

Meet Anya Ettinger, the creative genius behind the TikTok that has already been shared roughly 20 thousand times. With a lot of house hunting experience behind her back, the millennial realtor knew just what to say to take wisecracking to the next level. Her comedic clip started off with the Bosley Real Estate agent placing a listing sign on top of a snow fort. "This zero bed, zero bath home is listed for only $850,000," Ettinger jokingly explained. "And we are holding offers until next week." But what listing video would be complete without a home tour? Sure enough, that's exactly what Anya dug into (literally) next. Of course, though, it wasn't the lengthiest of tours...

viral video house listing
Instagram via @aserealty
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"Once you are in, it's quite cozy," the agent sarcastically quipped as she curled up inside the snow fort. According to Anya's caption, "[we're] not going to want to miss this ICY new house that just hit the market in Toronto." The video went on to get close to 200 thousand likes and even garnered attention from a local online blog in Toronto. "This is my satirical take on the Toronto real estate market as someone who's like, in it every day," Anya later explained to BlogTO. "I'm someone that copes with any sort of difficult things with dark humor and joking about things that probably shouldn't be joked about," she continued to reveal. But even if the housing market is bleak, at the very least, Ettinger's video brought a smile to peoples' faces!

@aserealty you’re not going to want to miss this ICY 🥶 new house that just hit the market in Toronto #forsale #torontohomes #toronto #funnyvideos #the6ix ♬ So I Want You ft Kylie M Bailey - Bobcat Goldwav

Be sure to check out Anya's TikTok for some more laughs this winter season. And, of course, don't forget to check back soon for more hilarious videos that are making the masses LOL - only on!

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