Quarantine's Revealed Some Unusual Hidden Talents From Celebs

Taran Underwood

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What seems to be a never-ending period, quarantine has brought out a lot of people's secret talents. Even our favorite celebrities have taken to some unusual, gross, and mind-blowing habits that we can't seem to wrap our heads around.


Dakota Johnson has taken flossing to a new level. Not only can she easily slide that extra thick dental floss between her front teeth, but this actress has also managed to fit a credit in that space.


Ariana Grande has used this time to master her musical impressions of other artists. To this day, she's nailed the impressions of Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and many more from nearly every day and age.


Selena Gomez must really enjoy chewing gum because she's managed to spit a wad of gum into the air, and then catch it with her mouth. Most people try and do this with popcorn or other harmless snacks, but chewing gum, that's a whole other risk factor!