PTA Gets Crafty With Hilarious School Drop-Off Signs


| LAST UPDATE 09/11/2022

By Lily Tipton
School Drop Off Line
Monet Lude via Facebook

It's the task dreaded by parents all over the world. It's early, everyone is usually stressed and running late, and the car in front is moving at a snail's pace. 'What takes so long to drop a kid off and drive away?' people can be heard mumbling under their breaths. As dull as it is, the job has got to be done - there's no getting around it. One Ohio School's PTA decided to shake things up, entertaining the drivers with hilarious lawn signs to help start their day the right way. While the target audience may have been millennial parents, in particular, there's no doubt a good time was had by all! Here are some of the highlights.

On August 29, 2022, the parents of Austintown Elementary School in Youngstown joined the drop-off line as usual. However, this time they were in for a surprise, as a variety of hysterical and nostalgic signs encouraged them to keep things moving along. The signs featured a range of pop culture references, sure to ensue some laughs along the way. For example, one poster with a photo of MC Hammer had the words "Can't park here!" written on it, obviously referencing his Can't Touch This song. One sign referenced the hilarious "PIVOT" moment from Friends, while another made use of the Ryan Gosling "Girl" meme from a few years back. 

Viral Back To School
Monet Lude via Facebook
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Appreciative and amused parents took a moment to photograph the signs, uploading them to Facebook and creating a viral sensation. Jessica Lippillo, the president of the PTA team behind the signs, told TODAY she had taken notes from an Arizona school that had done a similar thing. For her, the goal was simply to make the parents smile. "Drop-off lines are hard," she explained. "Ours usually runs smoothly, but this year, some of our kids are attending school for the first time ever because of COVID. Students and parents are feeling anxious, and I wanted to alleviate their stress."

@teashawitherspoon This is how you do it!!! #schooldropoffsbelike #schooldropoffline #tuckandroll ♬ original sound - Teasha Witherspoon

Strangely, this isn't the first time this month that the drop-off line content has gone viral. Earlier in the month, a mother, Teasha Witherspoon, created the tuck and roll approach to drop off. Creating the hilarious video above to demonstrate how it's done, she introduced the world to drop-off etiquette. Who knew there were so many ways to do drop-offs wrong?

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