Primary School Teacher Gets Fired For Having An Alter Ego


| LAST UPDATE 10/10/2021

By Scarlett Adler

The people we choose to be when we're at work compared to when we're in private are often very spaced apart. We can only hope that the Friday night versions of ourselves don't ever reach the office. Unfortunately for Christian Webb, he got caught in what is most people's worst nightmares and now finds himself looking for a new job.

The Hook

Christian Webb was working as a teacher at the Thorn King Edwards Primary School in Doncaster for over four years. However, he was recently fired from his position, the reason for this recently came out and we're shocked!

Somebody brought to the school's attention that Mr. Webb actually led a double life as a popular character that goes against basically everything teachers are trying to pass on to future generations.


Recognize him now? Yup, you guessed it. It's the one and only, viral comedy rapper, MC Devvo. His career began back in the year 2000. Most of his lyrics revolve around sex, drugs, alcohol and anything you wouldn't want being taught to your children.

One of his more popular songs expresses the fact that he enjoys abusing young women when he sings "Have a can of Kestrel an' I'll kick me' girlfriend's head in."


As you can imagine, parents are standing by the school's decision to let go of Mr.Webb. One parent said, "Everyone said he was brilliant but you wouldn't want Ali G as your kid's teacher."  Another parent argued that "Kids don't realize it's meant to be a joke."


Christian Webb is sad to lose his teaching position. He has chosen to plead the fifth on the matter. Many have asked for an interview but the 36-year-old said: "It's not something I want to discuss."

Now that he is no longer a teacher, we wonder if there may be a huge comeback for MC Devvo on the horizon? "Game of coins mate?"

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