Pregnant Woman Goes To War Over A Dog's Name

Taran Underwood

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Parents usually want to name their children something significant and special to them. However, it's pretty hard to find a unique name since the majority of them are already taken.

One overzealous and, I'm assuming, very hormonal pregnant woman went ballistic when she found out that the name she wishes to give her new (unborn) child, had already been given to a dog.

Jenny, the owner of the pup, was so shocked by this woman's behavior that she took the situation to the most unforgiving and objective place on planet earth... the internet.

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If there's one thing more dangerous than shark diving, it's irritating a pregnant woman. At this point, the lid had already been blown off the pot and it was time for Jenny to take cover.

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Once word got out, people were furious about this pregnant woman's demands. To be fair, parents are naming their children and their dog's such strange names these days, it's obvious they're going to overlap eventually.

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There's always the option to kill with kindness...

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If Jenny is feeling a little bit spiteful she can always play dirty and go for a bit of sweet revenge.

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Noone stopped to consider how Tilly could be feeling about this. She's been living her whole life with this name and now she's expected to change it? Someone needs to take the dog's side.

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Needless to say, no one was going to back down. Tilly will stay Tilly, and who knows what the baby's name will be. However, maybe the two Tilly's will laugh (and bark) about this a little way down the road...