Pregnant Woman Shares Hilarious Reactions to Her Bump


| LAST UPDATE 03/10/2022

By Riley Hammond
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One mama-to-be has gained quite a lot of attention for her very noticeable bump - so much so that she's actually been making headlines all over the internet. From her massive baby bump to the hilarious reactions it's called for, here's her story.

Brooke Luney, a mother of five children who lives in northern California, says she's always "carried very big." Now, with her sixth kid on the way, she shares that she gets asked some hilarious questions when people see how big her pregnancy has made her. And apparently, it doesn't take them long to realize that her bump is a bit larger than usual. "It's extra noticeable because I'm 4-foot-11, and I have a short torso," the 32-year-old super mom told TODAY Parents. "Strangers will stop me in a store wanting to know if I'm expecting triplets." But according to Brooke Luney, she's only expecting one addition to her family from this pregnancy.

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In a TikTok video that has gone viral, Luney wrote a caption that reads, "Someone told me my belly is so big my baby is living in a loft and already has WiFi." LOL - this baby is definitely living it up in the womb. The hilarious caption is similar to another comment that read, "You sure there's not a whole house in there?" Other comments Luney has received include, "Uhhhhh do you have 69 kids in there or is it 32 years old already?" Similarly, another person joked, "I think there's a whole adult in there." Another viewer hilariously remarked, "Bro, that ain't one baby, it's 11." We can't stop laughing. At least Brooke is keeping herself entertained with the amusing reactions on her TikTok page to her extraordinary pregnancy!

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Instagram via @aunty__shell

On a more serious note, Brooke wanted to let people know that she hasn't had any pregnancy-related health issues. "I've had a healthy, uncomplicated pregnancy," Luney assured. She also revealed that the fetus weighed around six pounds, four ounces at her 35-week scan. And not only is mama doing well, but she also appears to be trying to do good, sharing the purpose of her TikToks with The Independent. "I'm hoping we can change the expectations society has for women. The [comments] I love are those from other women who've struggled with their pregnancy bodies. I've been told it's uplifting, and they're glad I'm staying positive!" Kudos to this supermom!

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