Meet Grey: Quite Possibly the World's Politest Kid Who Can't Stop Making the Internet Laugh


| LAST UPDATE 07/09/2021

By Kayla Black
viral toddler thanking tiktok
Instagram via @greyandmama

Grey has stolen the hearts and appetites of many social media users. The child's viral accounts, run by his mom, show the three-year-old in all his innocent glory. The typical clips consist of Grey's loving mother delivering him a snack and the little star answering back with one very polite catchphrase.

thank you mama tiktok
Instagram via @greyandmama

Chances are that once you watch a couple of these videos, you'll have Grey's adorable "Thank you, Mama!" echoing in your head all day. And we don't blame you. This kid's earnest manners are infectious. And according to the loving mother's captions, she agrees. "This life, this boy, on repeat, forever," the thankful mom wrote on a montage video. Grey's TikTok and Instagram pages are dedicated to the precious moments of gratitude between the mother and son, as he says "Thank you, Mama!" upon deliveries of snacks, meals, and presents.


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But these aren't your run-of-the-mill crackers or sliced fruit. Even in his toddler years, Grey is eating gourmet food. Videos have highlighted the diverse menu in the household, and fans' comments regularly point out just how well the child is eating. "Now this is what having breakfast like a king looks like," one user wrote on Instagram. Another supporter jumped in, adding, "You seem like a wonderful mom and Grey is adorable. I’m happy he’s able to spread his joy with the world."

And it's not just positivity Grey is sharing, but also mouthwatering dishes. From gourmet sushi to full brunch plates, Grey always greets his food with a big smile and thank you to his mom. People can't get enough of the child and his polite manners. In the short time that the mother and son duo have been on social media, they've become a verified account on both Instagram and TikTok, in addition to racking in a huge following.

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greyandmama viral tiktok videos
Instagram via @greyandmama

The Instagram page sits at 978 thousand followers, and the TikTok account has amassed a jaw-dropping 7 million supporters and nearly 185 million likes. You can keep up with Grey's cute antics on TikTok and Instagram at @greyandmama. And be sure to check back for more viral news!