What’s With the Police Car Filter All Over TikTok?


| LAST UPDATE 08/21/2022

By Lily Tipton
funny viral tiktok nypd
@firstresponder_response_photos via Instagram

TikTok trends unite the nation, sometimes even the world. People are ripping their friends' t-shirts, others are painting their parents to look like minions, and of course, there are the partners slapping each other in the face with Tortillas! It's a great equalizer, people from all over the world doing the same thing, uniting over the internet and its hilarities. However, while many of these trends are born from pure human imagination and creativity, others are handed to us on a silver platter, directly from TikTok HQ, in the form of a funny or unique filter. This new 'locked up' trend features the police car filter. Allow us to explain...

The TikTok effect in use for this trend allows people to film themselves to appear as if they are in the back of an animated police car. Staring ahead awkwardly, sadly, or terrifyingly, their face appears in a police car being driven away. While Akon's song Locked Up is being played in the background, the users caption the video explaining what they would be personally arrested for if this particular trait or action of theirs was illegal. Some of the most popular videos will provide further explanations...

viral tiktok trend lockedup
@breydonwhite via Instagram
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"When you get arrested for biting everyone's ankles," one video was captioned, with a dog sitting in the car looking out the window, full of regret. This hilarious clip received over 100,000 likes, spurring the trend further. Another hysterical entry came from @breydonwhite, who received 48.3K likes. "If falling for men who do the bare minimum becomes illegal," he teased alongside footage of himself in the police car looking unbothered and singing along to the Akon tune. LOL.

@creativecupsbymari #Fyp #freemybaby #lockedup ♬ Locked Up - Akon

Want in on the 'locked up' trend? Want to share with your followers your most arrestable defense but have no idea how to access this filter? All you need to do is open up TikTok, press the plus button to open the camera, select 'effects' in the bottom left, choose the magnifying glass, and write Police. Click the filter named 'Police' by JPhant, and lastly, face the camera to you and adjust your position to appear as if you're in the police car. Hit record and upload! If only getting arrested in real life was as fun as this!

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