Police Called on Woman for Doing a Tiktok With a 'Dead Body'

Taran Underwood

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Daily Dot

The challenges on TikTok are getting stranger and funnier by the minute. One of our recent favorites has to be the clean floor/dancing pallbearer challenge. However, a concerned neighbor called the police after she got the wrong impression about what was going on next door.


The pallbearer challenge involves someone doing something unforgivable, like walking all over a freshly cleaned floor, and then getting 'murdered' in response. A dedicated TikTok user decided to join in on the fun in her garden in Chino. She cleaned the floor until it was spotless, then showed her husband walking across the tiles in dirty shoes.

She then recorded herself walking through the garden with what looked like her husband in a body bag.


The police were called to the house after receiving reports of a woman carrying a dead body. Little did they know, it was just a dummy dressed up in clothing. Once she showed the police her TikTok video, they all had a good laugh and explained to the neighbor that there was nothing to worry about. For those of you thinking of joining in on this trend, we highly suggest doing it indoors.