Pilot Pranks Girlfriend in Hilarious Viral Video


| LAST UPDATE 09/10/2021

By Scarlett Adler
pilot pranks girlfriend viral
Instagram via @hanna_lamaster

Firsts are always exciting, right? Just ask Hanna LaMaster, who got to fly in her pilot boyfriend's plane for the first time recently. Only things didn't quite go as planned, at least according to her. Here's why her boyfriend's surprise pre-flight announcement is going viral.

Hanna viral flight announcement
Instagram via @hanna_lamaster

It all started when the excited girlfriend took out her camera to document her time onboard."When you get to fly on your boyfriend's plane for the first time," LaMaster shared with her TikTok followers. Little did she know, her beau was already 10 steps ahead of her.


My dads’ reply to this video was “at least he didn’t propose!!!!” but I wish he would’ve ;) ##pilot ##boyfriend

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"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard," Pilot Chris began to announce on the loudspeaker as passengers of flight 5149 settled into their seats. As he continued with his formalities, he soon decided to give a passenger seated in 2C a special shoutout. "We do have a special passenger on board," he revealed of girlfriend Hanna. "So when you get your belt off, please do me a favor..."

viral tiktok prank pilot
Instagram via @hanna_lamaster

“Either give her a fist bump, high five or direct all your snacks and small bottles of water to her, please and thank you,” he joked. How sweet. Though, we can’t help but wonder what treats our lucky traveler managed to snag. An extra bag of peanuts? Another pre-packaged frozen meal? To each their own, we guess…

pilot boyfriend pranks girlfriend
Instagram via @hanna_lamaster

But we're not the only ones amused by the sweet exchange. "If I were a pilot, I would do this on every flight and pick a random seat number," one user chimed. "I would feel so much safer knowing the pilot had precious cargo on board," wrote another. Which, well, fair point. As for the rest of Hanna's time onboard?

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Yes, his landing was smooth 😉

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From the looks of it, it seems that the flight was all smooth sailing. That being said, we’ve got a feeling there are more adventures where that came from. Check out Hanna’s official Instagram here, and of course, stay tuned.