Happy dog after Adoption

29+ Adorable Photos of Shelter Dogs When They Get Adopted


| LAST UPDATE 02/14/2022

By Eliott Tanner

There's no denying that the day a dog gets adopted is a memorable occasion, for both the dog and the owner. Having a ruff day? Well, take a look at these adorable pictures of shelter pups the moment they got adopted.

Pure Happiness

Believe it or not, but some people think that dogs don't really experience emotion, and to those we say: checkmate! This pup had our hearts in an out-of-chest experience from the moment we laid eyes on this adorable picture.

Dog joyful after adoptionDog joyful after adoption
Genetta Arnolds via Facebook

Words can't explain the very real emotion this dog is portraying. Yet at the same time, a picture is worth a thousand words. With such pure happiness, we sure do believe that this newly adopted pup is in the hands of the right owner, quite literally.

Go to Sleep, Little Doggy

She may be holding Rosie the pup like a baby who is being rocked to sleep. But by the looks of this picture, Allie Lucchetti won't be able to bring this good-girl to the realm of stick-fetching dreams anytime soon. Either way, Allie thought it was an amazing picture to upload to the internet and we couldn't agree more!

Happy adopted dog huggedHappy adopted dog hugged
Allie Lucchetti via Facebook

With a smile like that, and this kind of excitement, who would want to get ready for bed now anyway? Allie is noticeably so excited to have adopted such a joyful dog. Probably even more so looking forward to start playing all the things Rosie has missed out on during her time at the pound.

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Give Your New Mommy a Kiss!

There is somewhat of an unfair reality regarding dog adoption. Puppies and demanded breeds tend to get adopted quickly, whereas the older looking dogs usually have a harder time getting picked. Yet, this wasn't the case with Emma Wratten's beautiful girl Pippa.

licking dog smiling ownerlicking dog smiling owner
Emma Wratten via Facebook

As big and scary as this Belgian retriever mix may look to some, she actually has a "soft heart" Emma Wratten mentioned. Well, by the looks of it, she is also a mommas girl! Wratten took this adorable picture of her newly adopted dog after being 103 days in the shelter, trying to snatch a kiss after being picked up and it's heartfelt!

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Just Glee

This dog is defining the meaning of glee in a picture that has us smiling from ear to ear. Who would've thought that a puppy could express such joy while being hugged by his awesome owner like that? We sure haven't seen anything quite as adorable, and we are more than pleasantly surprised.

ecstatic dog getting cuddledecstatic dog getting cuddled
Audrey Imen via Facebook

Audrey Imen took this shot after finding her destined beautiful little Chihuahua in a pound. We honestly can't get enough of it! Hugging her beloved four-legged creature as close to her face as possible, she embraced her newly found friend wholeheartedly. So cute!

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Picture Pawfect

So this handsomely adorable puppy right over here is called Kodak - by the looks of his picture-perfect face, we can tell why! His smile is so brilliantly photogenic, we can almost be sure that he loves his new owner just as much as he loves the camera. Way to go!

Dog tongue out being snugDog tongue out being snug
Gloriousa Saver via Facebook

We could have never guessed from his pure wholesomeness that he was actually rescued from an animal hoarding shelter. Just like that, Gloriousa Saver found the opportunity and jumped in to save him. It sure was a case of puppy love at first sight!

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Some Dogs Have Stage-fright

Ally Collins was so excited to adopt her newly found K-9 from the pet store shelter, that she snapped a pic of him wearing his new collar for the first time. The result was hilarious as she basically found out her dog apparently is a teeny bit camera shy.

K-9 staring funny cuteK-9 staring funny cute
Ally Collins via Imgur

Her labrador mix was definitely trying her best to smile and act natural, but you can't blame her for the excitement of being finally adopted. We guess that we will fur-give her this time, and hope that her new owner includes camera training along with the rest of it!

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Don't Stop, Retrieving

Duncan the little golden retriever spurred into a frenzy of joy on his first walk outside of the pound. Thank goodness Laylo Cordyn managed to capture this spectacular moment on camera for the whole internet to see. This big smile could bring a bit of joy to anyone's day, so thank you Laylo!

Woofer barking nice gleeWoofer barking nice glee
Laylo Cordyn via Imgur

After being adopted, Duncan got a brand new stylish bandanna in his favourite color: Green! Sporting his new attire in such an adorable fashion, we think it’s safe to say that this doggo is enjoying his life right now thanks to his amazing owners. Great work, parents!

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Happy Howl-lidays!

This Australian family decided that for Christmas, they will adopt a new addition to their family. What they didn't expect, however, was for this special little friend to feel so comfortable that he'd slap-bang fall asleep, right in their arms! Isn't this precious?

Sleepy doggie on armSleepy doggie on arm
lunatheborderaussie via Instagram

This cutey understandably got so excited when she met her family that it tired her out! She’s become comfortable with them so quickly, she fell asleep on her dad’s lap on the drive home and it has us perma-awwing. This snug'n'snoozy little face completely made our day.

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Callie-fornian Princess

Meet Callie - the majestic boxer who was adopted from the dog warden at 8 months old. She might play it cool and royal, but she too is a rescued pup after being abandoned in a house for two weeks. But don't worry, the story has a happy ending. Reddit user sonofbro4 decided he needed to share this moment with the internet!

Contempt dog resting squintingContempt dog resting squinting
sonofbro4 via Reddit

Sitting on the couch she seems to really enjoy the sun. Callie looks like she has found her place and peace of mind. Moments like these really makes one appreciate owners who rescue dogs in need, restoring not only the happiness of these beautiful creatures, but our faith in humanity.

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Lucky Chance

Dogs are obviously very lucky to be picked in a pound, but people who get picked by the dog themselves seem to feel even luckier. Chance the pup scurried right over without any hesitation and landed right on Jessica Charles' husband - not really giving them a choice!

Dog held loved graciouslyDog held loved graciously
Jessica Charles via Facebook

"You are mine now," the dog seemed to express very loudly, without any words of course. From then on it looks like his owners realized that they were really the lucky ones, given the awesome chance to meet this beautiful pup! We are certainly jealous of them!

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The Crew

This squadron of senior puppers look so dashing and full of life, we would say that they are even more handsome than their younger counterparts. Maybe it's because they look so complete being with such good company in the little rustic family that they are.

dogs tongues sitting nicelydogs tongues sitting nicely
Julie Docherty via instagram

Adopting an elderly dog can be an extremely rewarding experience especially for new owners. Think about it this way - not only are senior canines more content and easy-going, but they are also usually already potty trained! So instead of training, they get to spend their golden years together with a happy family. Paw-some!

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Growing Up Together

Owning a dog is much like putting down a de-paw-sit in the bank of life and fulfillment - even more so when you give that gift to a young child. They could both learn so much together and become companions for the rest of their life, and really, it's priceless.

Dog resting on lapDog resting on lap
Kristin Cooper via facebook

Not too long before this photo was taken, these two destined souls met each other for the first time, and by the looks of it: they definitely hit it off. The expression on the little dog's face can tell you everything, looking so reassured and content, we know the future is bright for both of these guys.

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"What? I'm ADOPTED?"

Coso the dog is so excited to have been adopted that the joy couldn't be contained! This springy pup was so ecstatic to be found and taken away from the shelter with her new humans and couldn’t hold back from jumping right in front of the camera! This photo is too cute.

Dog jumping with happinessDog jumping with happiness
Smith Hospital via Facebook

Her new family is clearly thrilled as well! Everybody seems so excited. Smith Hospital received many happy comments on Facebook about how this picture has made people's day. We guess that it is safe to say that out of everyone, Coso's day was the one that was made the best.

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Far-Fetched Coincidence

After not owning a dog for several years, Nicole Grimes went to her local shelter looking for a pup to fill the hole in her heart. She found a dog who coincidentally looked like and acted a lot like her previously owned puppy named Chloe, whom she had been forced by her parents to give up for adoption several years ago.

Dog being hugged lovelyDog being hugged lovely
Nicole Grimes via Facebook

The pup shared not only the same breed but the same age too! As far-fetched as this may sound when the two first met, the Chloe look-alike rocketed out and started licking Nicole's face. She knew then that this was the same Chloe she used to own. After a vet check - she found out it was actually Chloe all along.

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Opening New Labra-Doors

After being to the pound, Reddit user background-dentist68 found himself a humble pup that didn't seem to show too much care or reaction. After noticing this rather strange behavior; this courageous Redditor announced to himself: Challenge. Accepted.

Snooze dog loved patted Snooze dog loved patted
background-dentist68 via Reddit

After deciding to take the creamy Labrador back home, he couldn't help but realize how much the pup needed a good cuddle. The moment the Redditor stroked his hands on the pupper's head he knew it was an instant connection, opening a door to a new beginning with his new best friend.

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Borderline Collie

Mini Australian Shepherds are actually a breed of the Border Collie, and owing up to their name, it seems like they are quite the popular dog in Oz - Mini Aussies are valued for their intelligence and loyalty. Reddit user bioticgod55 managed to find this gem at a pound!

Dog smiling looking ownerDog smiling looking owner
bioticgod55 via Reddit

Bella, a seven-year-old mini Australian Shepherd, is the perfect family-friendly woofer. Looking at the photo, Bella is cozy and fitting in perfectly with her new fam, and her new mumsy looks just as much in love with Bella, as Bella seems to really love her!

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Bmanda96 uploaded this unmistakably handsome grin to Reddit of his labrador mix pup on his first walk in the park - and yes, the cool irresistible smile shined right through our screens. Who would have thought a dog could have such a superstar smirk?

Dog puppy looking cool Dog puppy looking cool
bmanda96 via Reddit

It appears that we are not the only ones smitten by this handsome smile - the Redditor shined a light on the matter of how this beautiful pup charmed him from the very beginning - making him irresistible to not-adopt! "I just couldn't NOT adopt this bad boy!" he commented.

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Love At First Sniff

This little Corgi/German shepherd mix called Vera looks to be really loving her fur-ever home before she even arrived. Just as much as we are loving this picture of her enjoying a good belly rub in her newly found dad's car on the way back from the shelter!

Dog woof tongue outDog woof tongue out
brethrenmoons via Reddit

This sweet girl seems to just not be able to stop smiling! Vera definitely won the heart of her new dad (and ours as well!) with her absolutely sweet face and personality. And after meeting her and receiving the lick of acceptance, he knew that she was the one.

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Having a Roll

Reddit user cmkuhtz photographed a brilliantly pure moment of his newly adopted Boxer mix enjoying his first-ever roll in the grass, on his first ever walk in the park. We are so enchanted by this happy picture, we might as well go and roll on the grass ourselves!

dog grass big smiledog grass big smile
cmkuhtz via Reddit

This pup has found his place and it almost doesn't seem like it's at his owner's house - he seems to be fitting in better on the grass! Either way, we are so happy for this Redditor and his newly found mate, may their lives together be as happy as this shot!

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Post Adoption Glow

Goratt12 posted via Reddit his new Golden Retriever inside his car after being adopted and one thing that is standing out - literally out of this puppers mouth, in fact, is this goldie's tongue. The cute levels on this pup could potentially be a medical mystery for all we know.

thankful dog looking upthankful dog looking up
goratt12 via Reddit

"He just kept his tongue there for the whole ride" the Redditor stated. Being so undeniably cute, we have diagnosed this pup with the common post-adoption-cuteness-disorder. (PACD for short) and it's just as heartwarming as the fact this doggo found his new home!

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Howl-llo to You Too

This Redditor managed to save a puppy from the rescue shelter and we can't deny the beauty of the chemistry shared by these two destined souls. Climbing up to user hi-sups shoulder for a shot, this doggo has us wanting to adopt a baby pup ourselves!

Dog cuddling owners shoulderDog cuddling owners shoulder
hi-sup via Reddit

The beauty of it all is that this picture looks like such a brilliant beginning to a long relationship. Puppies can sometimes be challenging because of their need for extra care and training while they grow, but something about this picture reassures us that everything will be okay.

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The Purest Love

Reddit user i_speak_australian uploaded a picture of his sweet grandma with her newly adopted pupper. After picking her up at an adoption event held at one of their local parks, her reaction to her new dog is simply too darn precious for words. But don't take our word for it, just look at the picture.

Dog grandmas lap pattedDog grandmas lap patted
i_speak_australian via Reddit

Studies have shown that pets not only make us happy, but they also make humans live longer. From this picture, we believe that this Redditor's grandma will benefit from this adoption in so many ways, especially seeing the happiness radiating from her face.

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Who's a Good Boy?

This absolutely dashing pupper has gained a bit of attention on Reddit after user tallyskies posted this beautiful snap of his newly adopted dog's army-like posture. Smiling and nearly saluting her owner after being adopted, We are absolutely melting away!

Dog happy collar heartfeltDog happy collar heartfelt
tallyskies via Reddit

This Boxer mix looks to be so loyally grateful for being taken from the pound, standing up straight and looking right into his owner's eye. We can too, be grateful for the owner's amazing camera skills for capturing this beautiful pose. Profile Picture material for sure.

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Gotta Hand it to Him!

This nine-month-old Samoyed called Nook looks so happy after being adopted, it looks like he could almost fly! We think it could definitely be possible - considering he literally looks like a fluffy cloud of pure joy and everything good in this world.

Husky shaking hand petHusky shaking hand pet
wishful_cynic via Reddit

Samoyed's are known to be very gentle pups. They basically make great household dogs and get along well with kids, wishful_cynic wrote. We sure think this Redditor found a diamond in the not-so-rough and we are so happy for him and his new friend! Catch you in the skies, Nook!

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"I Wuf You"

Rescue pup Luna couldn't hold back her love for her new adoptive brother. She looks so blissfully happy to be riding home after being chosen by a family. Cruising in to a new and exciting life with a loving group of people - we think every dog in a shelter deserves that.

Dog kid showing loveDog kid showing love
zombeejeezus via Reddit

This incredibly gentle smile is enough to melt anyone’s heart away. This picture helps us understand exactly what dog adoption is all about. Dogs like Luna crave love and affection - and the reward is not just for them, it's for the owners too. (And the rest of us who get to enjoy the picture.)

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Ultimutt Connection

An adoption event was held on this staff sergeant's military base. To his unprecedented surprise, an English bulldog named Pinkerton slowly approached the sergeant, the moment the little pup caught a glimpse of him. The rest, from here on, is history.

Marine petting bulldog heartfulMarine petting bulldog heartful
Valerie C. Eppler via Wikimedia commons

Pets are sometimes associated with therapy to people who have experienced trauma, and veterans are a group that sadly have a higher instance of trauma, needing this comfort and peace that pets bring. Some shelters have programs that even waive adoption fees for those who have served in the military, which is a beautiful win-win situation.

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Say "Woof!"

Some people like to be the center of attention, and guess what? It appears to be from this picture that some dogs can totally relate! While this pupper's parents look happy, he is definitely stealing the show - starting the journey with his new family with a dazzling kick-off!

Dog family selfie togetherDog family selfie together
Tiffany Statham Rogers via Facebook

Family pictures are definitely a thing for some people whenever new pets come into their life, and Tiffany Statham Rogers sure seems to be winning the game with her new beautiful pup! The only thing missing here is a selfie stick - but the doggo will probably end up chasing it.

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Here is a picture posted by phengana70 on Reddit of the moment her little beauty was found at the local pet store shelter and it is giving us a storm of internal "awws" that is not seeming to end any time soon. Looking so humbled to have been chosen, the perfect puppy eyes were captured.

Dog innocent fragile cuteDog innocent fragile cute
phengana70 via Reddit

It's almost as if this doggie is in complete disbelief for receiving the gift of family. We are so touched by this picture, knowing that she will get the love and care she seems to be so desperately longing for. Way to go adoptive mommy, thank you for your service.

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It might be hard to tell from this happy picture, but Buster the energetic and eccentric dog was actually returned by an adoptive family, molly590 shared on Reddit along with this pic. With a snap like that - we are convinced that we would be first in line to re-adopt this cutie!

Smiley dog sitting on floorSmiley dog sitting on floor
molly590 via Reddit

"Everything happens for a reason" Molly590 added, and we couldn't agree more with her. Pets and their adoptive parents are more like destined soul-mates that have come together. It's almost like finding a diamond in the rough - way to go Buster and Molly590!

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@untold_lord On Reddit shared this unique shot of his little dog smiling ever so widely to the camera - giving us such a great reason to smile just as big as this pupper is. Let's take a moment to appreciate the heart-melting-ness and the fact that this Redditor adopted him!

Super gleeful dog big mouth Super gleeful dog big mouth
untold_lord via Reddit

Some people believe that dogs truly understand gratitude, especially after being adopted, and we think that this picture arguably gives us some form of evidence. This Redditor mentioned how his life completely changed ever since he met his new pup, and we couldn't be happier for the both of them!

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Ultimate Twinning

This adoption was meant to be! After all, what are the chances that a dog and his new owner manage to snap a picture with matching smiles upon meeting? But Zack and his precious Rottweiler managed to do just that. Whether a lucky coincidence or a successful photoshoot, this pair looks as happy as can be.

adopted dogs cute picturesadopted dogs cute pictures
Reddit via zackbusselsd

And we can't blame them! This spacious yard must have been a welcomed change after being cooped up in a shelter waiting for a new owner. But luckily, the wait is over - Zack and his canine companion get to spend their days exploring, cuddling, and taking twinning pictures together!

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Hairy Hugs

Pardon the dog hair, but Cola just wanted to show some love to her new owner after being surrendered to the pound. And boy does her new dog momma have a lot to look forward to. This black pitbull has a heart of gold and loves can get along well with everyone that crosses her path.

shelter dogs after adoptionshelter dogs after adoption
Facebook via Susie's Senior Dogs

Despite loving to play with any and every toy in the room, Cola's caretaker described her as a "total couch potato" and wanted "nothing more than to be where her humans are." But even with her arthritis, little miss Cola still loves to hang around kids and enjoy the great outdoors.

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Smile for the Camera!

Meet Maya, the senior dog with the heart of a puppy. Maya found herself at a local shelter in New York at the age of eight after her previous owner unexpectedly lost their apartment. And from the moment that Maya stepped into the shelter, she captured everyone's heart around her.

shelter dogs photographed adoptedshelter dogs photographed adopted
Facebook via Susie's Senior Dogs

It would take one-and-a-half years for Maya to find her forever home, but the right owners eventually came knocking. This goofy smile is the face of one happily adopted pooch! Maya now gets to live a life doing her favorite things: playing with kids, adoring small puppies, and playing outside.

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Snoozin' Pooch

After a long wait at the vet, this little one has certainly deserved a good sleep! Rex, an elderly Yorkshire terrier who has been living the good life since being adopted by his new doggy mom, Tracy. He may be asleep, but his new life is a dream come true!

rescue dogs after adoptionrescue dogs after adoption
Facebook via Susie's Senior Dogs

And in between laps around the yard and daily walks, this little Yorkie makes sure to get in some well-deserved snuggles, too. After all, what's the point of being a lap dog if you can't cuddle up on your owner's lap for a snooze in the sun? Keep scrolling for more happy dogs post-adoption...

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Time for Adventure!

This little bundle of energy is named Merlin. He's a senior-aged Fox Terrier who found himself at a shelter in Minessota with his doggy sister, Gretchen, a 120-pound Rottweiler. And despite the odds stacked against them, Gretchen and Merlin managed to get adopted into the same home!

adorable shelter dogs adoptedadorable shelter dogs adopted
Facebook via Susie's Senior Dogs

"Something about their story told me this was right, and when no one else showed any interest in them, I ended up driving down [to] Twin Cities and adopting them," their owner, Kelly wrote. "Merlin has been a huge blessing to me, really a trooper and constant for all these years."

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Celebrating in the Pool

Just like champions that celebrate a big win by jumping into the pool, this fluffy pooch knew how to celebrate her special adoption in style - all while cooling down! After getting the good news, this Shephard mix made her way over to the pool to cool off - what a smart pup!

cute shelter dogs after adoptedcute shelter dogs after adopted
Facebook via Rescatistas Independientes Chihuahua

This pic is a total 180° to life pre-adoption. This chilled-out dog went from being covered in mud and seldom chillaxing to living the good life with a house full of loving owners. Want to see more happy pooches on their special day? Keep scrolling...

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Sitting Pretty for the Camera

At the mature age of eight years old, little miss Sally has finally found her forever home, and this big smile suggests she seems pretty happy about it! But after years of surviving on the streets of Baltimore, Sally was relieved to finally have a place to call home.

cute pictures adopted dogscute pictures adopted dogs
Facebook via Susie's Senior Dogs

"I saw a picture of Sally on Instagram and was drawn to her kind eyes and had an innate feeling to fill out the adoption application," Sally's owner, Krista explained. "Sweet Sally is making friends and living her best life. She's the kindest of souls and a real cuddle bug."

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Feeling Derpy

Ever been so relieved and excited that you flash a silly smile? Well, that seems to be Tucker's go-to trick, so he must have been really overjoyed with getting adopted at the age of 10 years old. And his happiness is clearly shared with him human roomies.

precious pictures adopted dogsprecious pictures adopted dogs
Facebook via Susie's Senior Dogs

"While perusing Facebook, I saw sweet Tucker in all of his crazy, bat-eared glorey. I felt an immediate connection," Tucker's adoptive mom, Joi wrote. "It was an impulsive decision... but I can tell you that we need Tucker as much as he needs us. No matter how much (or how little) time we have with him, we'll do our best."

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Adventure Awaits!

Despite his age and shy manner working against him, Jak has never been happier with his new family: his dad, Brian, and his mom, Mai. His human momma sure fought hard for him, having seen him adopted previously, only to be returned to the shelter. Mai took action and brought Jak home soon after.

cute shelter dogs adoptedcute shelter dogs adopted
Facebook via Susie's Senior Dogs

"Jak is low maintenance and has blossomed a very unique personality. He is a complete foodie... [and] his favorite way to spend an afternoon is snoring on the sofa (in a deep sleep) next to Brian as he works," Mai wrote on Facebook. She couldn't be happier about their "special bond" with Jack!

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More Belly Rubs!

Now, this is the smile of a dog that's living the good life! Island Dog Inc originally rescued Alice from the streets of Puerto Rico, where she was fighting for her life and trying to keep her starving pups alive. But luckily, she had the gift of a lifetime coming her way...

adopted dogs selfies shelteradopted dogs selfies shelter
Facebook via Susie's Senior Dogs

Beth and Kurt welcomed Alice into their home and haven't looked back since. "I never thought I'd find the perfect dog when adopting a mama street dog who never lived in a house and obviously had a rough start to her life," Beth shared. "But, she's the best... Everyday I'm happy we can give her the life she deserves."

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Through Thick and Thin

When most people adopt their rescue dogs, they usually think that their dog needs them - but it usually ends up being the other way around! And this sweet pooch named Jasmine is the perfect example of the light and joy that canines can bring into our lives.

adopted dog happy endingadopted dog happy ending
Facebook via Susie's Senior Dogs

Jasmine was abandoned during Hurricane Harvey, but her new owner named Anna has been giving her a second shot at life. But little miss J has done a world of good for her owner as well. "Jasmine is one of the best things to happen to me," her owner wrote. "I need her just as much as she needs me."

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Four Happy Kids

Nellie has the personality of an angel and has melted the hearts of nearly every human and animal she's come into contact with. But no one is more important to her than her human siblings. This mature pooch loves these kiddos with her whole heart and wants to be wherever they are.

dog adoption happy endingdog adoption happy ending
Facebook via Susie's Senior Dogs

"She is laid back, loving, funny, and sweet," her adoptive momma, Olivia wrote on Facebook. "She loves everyone who enters our home [and] everyone we pass on the street... Her adoption fee was the best $25 we have ever spent, no doubt about it." And looks like they got a dog and a babysitter all in one!

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"For Me?"

Anyone who knew Oliver before he got adopted wouldn't recognize him today - what a transformation! This senior pooch went from reserved and sad to goofy and full of life thanks to his loving owners and a lot of patience. They even managed to prolong his life expectancy thanks to some medical treatments!

cute adopted dogs storycute adopted dogs story
Facebook via Susie's Senior Dogs

"He loves to chew toys (he was indifferent before), he's playing more, and is much more vocal! He also has a love for chasing bunnies - he's too slow to get remotely close but don't tell him that!" his momma, Margaret wrote. "Oliver is the best and we're so grateful to have him in our family!"

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Smilin' Down the Street

On her adoption day, Scarlett's smile was so big, it lit up the street on her drive to her forever home! But could you blame her? This precious pup couldn't have been happier to be in the car with her new owner, especially since her time at the shelter was running out.

happy dogs after adoptionhappy dogs after adoption
Reddit via mithimithi

This angelic pitbull had been scheduled to be put down all because of a totally treatable skin infection. But with the shelter running out of space, her future was uncertain... all until her owner stepped in a saved her life. And by the looks of Scarlett's smile, she couldn't be happier about it!

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Princess Ru's Fresh Start

Despite having a smile to die for, Princess Ru found herself in quite the pickle at the animal shelter, but there was nothing she could do about it. Because of her half pitbull breed, many prospective owners were worried that she'd be aggressive, but that couldn't have been further from the truth!

cute dogs after adoptioncute dogs after adoption
Instagram via Georgia Amelia

The second Princess Ru was out from the shelter cage, a huge smile spread across her face and it hasn't gone away ever since! After months on end waiting to find her forever home, the princess finally got her castle. And now, she spends her days cuddling with her owners and playing in the yard!

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