Pet Cam Catches Hilarious Moment Dog Gets “Trapped”


| LAST UPDATE 09/04/2022

By Tabitha Woodcock
Dog TikTok Blanket Funny
Lisa Maree Williams via Getty Images

Who doesn't laugh at a hilarious pet moment? For dog owners, they are pretty used to experiencing some strange and random behavior from their beloved pups. Still, always expect the unexpected. Thankfully, one dog owner captured a hilarious moment on their pet cam! When they thought leaving their dogs home was a walk in the park, the pup cam proved them wrong...

For a scruff like Ranger, he was peacefully sleeping on the sofa while his owner was out of the house. But, Ranger was not alone. He was accompanied by another dog, what seemed to be a co-pet or someone to keep him company. The two were seen lounging on separate couches without a worry in the world until moments later when Ranger got himself into quite the pickle. The dog cam had Ranger and co. in sight when a sudden surprise caught Ranger off guard. As the pups jumped up in a moment of fight or flight, Ranger ended up inside of a blanket… unable to find his way out. It was a blanket like no other - what was supposed to provide comfort and coziness caused sheer havoc and chaos!

Funny Dog TikTok Viral
@garythebeagle via Instagram
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Ranger was seen scrambling through the living room area, trapped under the home blanket. He could not find his way out, wondering if he would ever see the light again. Ranger started to bark out of confusion and worry, not to mention this was all caught on tape. Scrambling back and forth, Ranger's paws were in the way of his freedom. Soon enough, Ranger "accepted his fate." He stopped the frantic behavior and began to wait patiently for his owner to come home and set him free. The scenario was posted to TikTok as a moment that had to be shared. The video has received 654.6K likes and over 7,000 comments. Some users even related to the dog and sympathized with Ranger's anxiety while being trapped under a blanket. Others humored the situation, acknowledging that poor Ranger was stuck for the foreseeable. Nevertheless, Ranger was finally freed when his owners arrived home at the frantic scene!

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It is clear why dogs are considered man's best friend. At the very least, they're another source of entertainment, as well as being another family member, of course! This isn't the first time we have seen some crazy puppy problems caught on camera - just like a viral dad and his dog caught snoozing together! We never know when the next hilarious pet moment will be. Stay tuned!

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