People and Their Pets Who Have an Undeniable Resemblance


| LAST UPDATE 07/21/2021

By Molly Houghton

Some people are convinced that married couples start to look alike over time, and evidently, the same goes for people and their pets. Whether it's the hair or the facial expressions, these uncanny resemblances have us doing a double-take.

Curly Hair, Don't Care

Well, there you have it, just two curly-headed cuties obsessing over their matching heads of hair. "Just two curly fluff balls together," according to Jasper, the mini Australian labradoodle's Instagram.

Curly Hair Pet LookalikesCurly Hair Pet Lookalikes
Instagram via @jasper_i_am

These two might've come from entirely separate universes, but it's clear that there's quite a resemblance. It looks like this photo confirms that pets can certainly look just like their humans, or maybe the humans look like the pets. Which is it?

Double Trouble

Woah. Those are some serious heads - and bodies - of hair right here. Little Max and his owner have the exact same hair color; we had to do a double-take to even believe it. They're both rocking the salt and pepper shade of hair, and if you covered their faces, it would probably be difficult to tell who was who!

Hair Pet LookalikesHair Pet Lookalikes
Instagram via @memydadandblau

"Max and I are looking more alike every day," said this dog owner. We can only imagine how much more alike they'd look if the human grew a long beard. While most people are a little down when their hair starts to turn grey, something tells us this guy wasn't too upset, as it made him look even more like his precious Max!

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Why So Serious?

Now, this is quite the spectacle, in more ways than one. We're instantly a little bit intimidated by how intelligent both this woman and her dog appear, for starters. Seriously, how high are both of their IQs?! Something tells us this dog scored higher on the SAT than many of us.

Serious Pet LookalikesSerious Pet Lookalikes
Instagram via @inkakuss

The matching pairs of glasses surely make these two look like identical twins, but even without the glasses, they definitely have similar eyes. If you look closely, you'll probably get lost in their deep brown beautiful eyes. Do you think this perfect pair has the power to hypnotize people?

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Fedoras Are Always in Style

Just from looking at this photo for a few seconds, one thing's for sure; Fedoras will never go out of style for any species. This guy and his adorable little poodle are ready to rock the runway with their matching hats, and we're dying to get in on the fun!

Fedora Poodle Pet LookalikesFedora Poodle Pet Lookalikes
Instagram via @arizonascutestchef

It looks like these best buds are off to dance the night away, showing off their good looks to everyone else in the area. Aside from the incredible resemblance between this man and his furry best friend, just look at the amount of pure joy beaming from both of their faces; Clearly, this was a match made in heaven!

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Good Hair Days All Around

Talk about a good hair day, am I right? These fabulous looking ladies must've just stepped out of the salon because both of their hair looks like an absolute masterpiece. Bronte, the standard poodle, and her mother have instantly won us over with their uncanny resemblance!

Good Hair Pet LookalikesGood Hair Pet Lookalikes
Instagram via @corlynk

Not many people are blessed with these gorgeous auburn locks, and somehow, this lady managed to find a perfect pup with the exact same shade; Talk about fate! Based on Bronte's sassy little ponytail and pretty pink bandana, it seems like she loves to dress up, so these two must have a ball together!

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Catching Some Rays

Here we have actress Amanda Seyfried and her dog Finn catching some rays, and they look like quite the joyful pair. Besides the fact that they're both beaming with happiness, they kind of resemble one another, don't you think? For starters, just look at the gorgeous golden locks!

Catching Rays Pet LookalikesCatching Rays Pet Lookalikes
Instagram via @mingey

Something tells us Finn might be thinking about how exactly he's planning to steal his mom's sunglasses, though. Or maybe Seyfried should just get him a matching pair; Now that would be next level twinning. Regardless, this photo is radiating with happiness, and beautiful hair, of course.

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Don't Mind the Beardos

Take a look at this dynamic duo, or "two handsome beardos," as the dog owner wrote on Instagram. It's rare for two people - or dogs, in some cases - to have matching beards, but low and behold, the perfect example. With a neatly combed head of hair, this man and his dog both let their beards be free.

Beardos Pet LookalikesBeardos Pet Lookalikes
Instagram via @hellokim.jpg

And clearly, they've got no shame with their looks, nor should they! We love this pair of beardos already, almost as much as we love the clever name. We'd absolutely love to see these two at the end of no-shave November; Let's hope they'll keep us in the loop!

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Stunning Pair of Redheads

When it comes to having similar hair to your dog, many people fit into that criteria, but just look at this duo; It's a perfect match! It's almost as if this woman brought her pooch into the hair salon and asked the colorist to recreate the same exact color.

Redheads Pet LookalikesRedheads Pet Lookalikes
Instagram via @bemoreyouonline

And, well, it looks like they succeeded! With this stunning shade of red, can you really blame her for wanting to look like her dog? Well, that's just an idea of what happened; We'll never quite know for sure. Just keep reading to see even more examples of humans and their pets looking like twins.

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Matching Coats

Like mother like son, are we right? Maria and her precious little boy are sporting matching coats, just in different ways, if you know what we're getting at. Our furry friend over here was born with this stunning chestnut coat, and it looks like his owner might've been a little jealous.

Matching Coat Pet LookalikesMatching Coat Pet Lookalikes
Instagram via @mybodyishome

Maria couldn't exactly grow the same furry coat naturally, so buying a human-sized coat was her best bet. But still, a perfect match in terms of color, right? They've even mastered the matching pose, and something tells us they've done quite a few photoshoots over the years.

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Sun's Out, Tongues Out

You know what they say, sun's, out tongues out, and that goes for the canines too, apparently. Check out the adorable boxer and his mom posing for a selfie, with that perfect mid-afternoon lighting, of course. It's all about the angle, and we think this duo absolutely mastered it.

Tongue Pet LookalikesTongue Pet Lookalikes
Instagram via @ahsoka_the_boxer

So, who do you think pulled out this original pose first? Maybe the dog was drooling over a squirrel on the road ahead, or perhaps, his owner was just dying for a memorable selfie with her fur baby. Even with her sunglasses, it looks as if this woman has the same eyes as her dog, making them even more alike.

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Camping Attire

Let's go camping, they said. And when it comes to sleeping in the woods, cooking food over a fire, and staying away from bears, there's no messing around. Hence why this guy and his dog took their woods attire very seriously; Just check out the matching hair!

Camping Pet LookalikesCamping Pet Lookalikes
Instagram via @silverfox_images

Whose is real, and which one of these lads is wearing a wig to look like the other? On second thought, a curly wig like that might be relatively uncomfortable, so something tells us these boys just happen to have the same hair. Do you think they use the same shampoo, too?

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Glam Squad

Sebastian, the standard poodle, has been dying to live a glamorous lifestyle from the moment he was born, so it's no wonder he ended up with this stylish woman as his mother. With matching blonde hair and mesmerizing eyes, these two were a match made in heaven.

Glam Pet LookalikesGlam Pet Lookalikes
Instagram via @allysapayne

Just look at that bling around his neck, this furry man's bound to be spotted at Fashion Week one of these days. With a pair this stylish, there's a good chance they love a good shopping day together. Something tells us they've got plenty of matching outfits to complement the gorgeous blonde hair; What do you think?

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Ready for Takeoff

Attention passengers, the captain, and his copilot, are ready for takeoff! And in this case, the copilot's a little cuter and hairier than usual, if you know what we mean. Now, we have no idea what lies behind both pairs of glasses in this photo, but one thing's for sure.

Glasses Pet LookalikesGlasses Pet Lookalikes
Instagram via @peoplethatlookliketheirpets

Both this man and his dog have an incredible sense of adventure, and it looks like they're about to embark on an adrenaline-filled journey. They always say a dog is a man's best friend, and this guy clearly found his perfect match, and they're ready to take on the world hand in hand (or might we say paw)!

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Golden Girls

The Golden Girls are making a comeback in 2021, with an all-new cast! Meet Ozzie and his gorgeous owner, who have quite a few things in common with each other. They were both gifted an incredible head of hair, for starters, sporting these chestnut curls on all occasions. 

Golden Girls Pet LookalikesGolden Girls Pet Lookalikes
Instagram via @thepupoz

Evidently, the camera can't get enough of both Ozzie and his human best friend, and we can't say we're surprised! With all-natural hair like that, it's no wonder these two are frequently caught on camera. But believe it or not, we've got plenty more humans that look just like their pets, so keep scrolling!

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Girls and Their Pigtails

Okay, this might be hard to believe, but the two subjects in this photo are not, we repeat, not biologically related. How is it possible that a human and a dog can resemble each other this closely?! And based on the dark shades they're rocking, something tells us they've had enough of the paparazzi.

Pigtails Pet LookalikesPigtails Pet Lookalikes
Instagram via @peoplethatlookliketheirpets

With their matching glasses, pigtails, and red shirts, this duo is taking the world by storm with their uncanny resemblance. And if you look closely at the bottom of the photo, they're getting ready to share a meal together; Do you think they also have the same favorite food?

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Curls All Around

Talk about some incredible curls! Both the human and her companion are proudly showing off their unbelievable curly cues, which essentially take over the entire photo. Could one of them have gotten a perm to match the other? Chances are, though, these girls have nothing but natural hair to show off.

Curls Pet LookalikesCurls Pet Lookalikes
Instagram via @curls.and.wrinkles

And the perfect lighting of this adorable selfie makes them look even more alike, plus, the pose makes it clear how much love they have for each other. If this dog were to get a matching pair of glasses, well, then who knows if we'd even be able to tell the two apart!

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Whore Wore It Best?

The last time these two got ready to go for a walk in the middle of a rainstorm, they wound up in matching outfits, and apparently, it was a complete coincidence! "Honestly, neither of us had any idea what the other was going to be wearing," this dog owner joked on Instagram.

Jackets Pet LookalikesJackets Pet Lookalikes
Instagram via @hollyjmw84

Chances are, these two have grown to have similar taste in clothes, so this might not have even caught the owner by surprise. But wait, it appears that the dog here isn't too excited about being photographed wearing the same coat as her human; Things could be getting a little ruff over there.

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Getting Lost in the Eyes

Woah, now those are some magical eyes we're looking at, times two. We've seen a lot of romantic comedies over the years, but not even the biggest heart-throbs of actors have the eyes that this dog was gifted with. These two may not even be of the same species, but there's no denying they have almost identical eyes.

Eyes Pet LookalikesEyes Pet Lookalikes
Instagram via @gindel86

And we just can't stop staring! This silver labrador might have a lot more hair on his body than his owner, but that doesn't even matter when we're getting lost in the two sets of crystal blue sparkling eyes. They make quite a statement in a picture alone; Can you imagine how gorgeous this duo must be in person?!

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Two Peas in a Pod

Let's just preface this photo by saying that you don't need to have curly hair to match your dog, and here we have the perfect example. "Lately, strangers have mentioned that we look alike," said the owner of this Newfoundland. Look closely; Can you see why?

Hair Pet LookalikesHair Pet Lookalikes
Instagram via @humble.homestead

Well, for starters, they're both sporting thick, beautiful brown hair as it blows in the wind on this lovely afternoon. Do you think they underwent some type of hair treatment to achieve this level of perfection? Or perhaps, this woman and her dog just have that natural glow.

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What's Over There?

Hey dudes, what are you looking at over there?! We're guessing the beautiful canine was mesmerized by a squirrel running up a tree, or maybe a baseball being thrown, and apparently, his owner can relate. According to this human's Instagram, the two were "separated at birth."

Tongues Pet LookalikesTongues Pet Lookalikes
Instagram via @goldenarrow74

What do you think about that? They both have a powerful set of eyes, beaming with determination to track down whatever it is they're looking for. Oh, and we can't forget about the tongues. Not everyone can hold theirs out at this angle for so long. Maybe they really were separated at birth!

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A Pensive Moment

This good little girl must be in deep thought, and she's not alone; Her human also looks rather pensive in the photo, and we can't help but wonder what's going through their heads. Or, could it be that these two just have matching facial expressions at all hours of the day?

Thinking Hard Pet LookalikesThinking Hard Pet Lookalikes
Instagram via @dogzirrah

Well, one thing's for sure, they're definitely the perfect cuddle buddies, always keeping a lookout for one another. And with similar glistening eyes and a bit of stubble on their chins, these guys are looking more and more alike as we continue to stare at the photo.

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Gorgeous in Grey

It's no secret that many women dread the days when their hair will transform from brown or whatever color they were born with to grey. However, this lady's embracing her natural self and has no shame in her beautiful greys, as she wrote on Instagram, "greyhairdontcare."

Grey Hair Pet LookalikesGrey Hair Pet Lookalikes
Instagram via @greyjourneyuk

Something tells us her pride might have a little something to do with her precious pooch, who's also showing off some gorgeous grey locks. It's official, these two have achieved #twinning status, making them even more of a dynamic duo than ever before. We might not even be able to tell the difference from the back of their heads!

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Whatcha Lookin' At?

Ahh, a man and his best friend, always a heartwarming sight to see, don't you think?! Between the mixture of black and white hair, the pure joy beaming from both of their souls, and the tongues out, these two are a match made in heaven. But we've got one question for this perfect pair.

Tongue Eyes Pet LookalikesTongue Eyes Pet Lookalikes
Instagram via @bgwphoto

What on earth could they possibly be looking at? Or perhaps, these two have just gotten really good at posing for the camera since it's hard not to want to capture moments like this. And who looks happier? The man, who found his four-legged doppelganger, or this adorable pup who found his forever human?

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Blonde Beauties

There's so much natural beauty in this photo, it's hard to take it all in. Both of these gorgeous blondies were blessed with glistening eyes and golden hair that's rarely found without getting some highlights. So, it makes perfect sense that these two found each other.

Blondies Pet LookalikesBlondies Pet Lookalikes
Instagram via @charmaloubcv

And talk about sun-kissed, am I right? With the sun shining right on these stunners, something tells us they spend a lot of time in the outdoors, and from this photo alone, it's clear that these two have the purest form of love for one another, making them an even more special pair.

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Seeing Double

"When you realize that dogs REALLY do look like their owners," this dog owner shared on Instagram. Try looking at the human, then at the dog, then back at the human again. These ladies were inevitably meant to be given their incredibly similar appearances.

Hair Eyes Pet LookalikesHair Eyes Pet Lookalikes
Instagram via @chloeeverton1

Is it the identical haircuts, the eyes, or both? With all of these shockingly similar features, it makes us wonder if somehow dogs and their humans grow more alike over time. Well, whatever it is, this adorable duo has amazed us with their good looks!

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Some Extra Scruff

Whether it's on an animal or a human, there's just something cute about a scruffy little face, don't you think?! Hence, this photo is a cuteness overload, as this man and his dog show off their matching scruffy beards; They've even got the same color and length.

Scruff Pet LookalikesScruff Pet Lookalikes
Instagram via @bessie_key

Some might say that this style of beard looks messy, but we're loving it, especially since this guy's managed to match his dog's facial hair entirely. Whether this is a regular look for him or the photo was taken at the end of no-shave November, we can't get enough of this adorable bearded duo.

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Going All Natural

"Well, they do say dogs look like their owners #frizzyhairdontcare," said this human, as she proudly shared a photo of her and her dog on Instagram. It appears that both of these lovely ladies just washed their hair or perhaps went for a swim, hence the wet curls.

Curly Hair Pet LookalikesCurly Hair Pet Lookalikes
Instagram via @arthealthyliving

And even if this lady's hair starts to frizz a little bit - which we can probably all relate to - she'll resemble her furry friend even more, so that can't be too bad, right? We can't help but notice how all of the dark curls in the photo take over both faces, and it's absolutely adorable!

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Who's Who?

In all seriousness here, whose fur is whose? There have been many people on here who have the same hair color as their dog, but that hair can only be found on their heads. So, this scenario's looking a little different. Do you see what we're talking about? Hence the overload of curly brown hair, EVERYWHERE.

Curly Twins Pet LookalikesCurly Twins Pet Lookalikes
Instagram via @bridgeteliseyingling

While the human might not naturally be covered with these curly chestnut locks, she managed to find her own coat to match her pooch perfectly, and we're loving it! Who says you have to be born with fur to resemble your pet, anyway? There's nothing wrong with taking a trip to the mall to be #twinning with your best bud.

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Eye See You

Talk about laser vision, am I right? Now, this duo is certainly focusing hard on something, but what's more fascinating is the dog's different colored eyes. This little guy must have superpowers or something, and it looks like his owner's eyes are just as magical.

Eyes Pet LookalikesEyes Pet Lookalikes
Instagram via @6darling6death6

There's no need to look at any of the other features on either of their faces; All four eyes in the photo are incredibly captivating. With so many different colored spectacles, we don't even know where to look first! Could it be that fate brought this dynamic duo together?

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Why the Long Face?

At first glance, we're dying to know, what's with the long face? How can one be sad with this cute puppy laying next to them? Well, we're hoping there's nothing too upsetting going on with these two, but it's clear that there's a significant resemblance, from the eyes to the facial expression.

Long Face Pet LookalikesLong Face Pet Lookalikes
Instagram via @abbeyroes

Do you think they practice their matching faces in the mirror together? Or perhaps, it just comes naturally as these two were meant to be from the very start. Either way, whoever said that dogs look like their owners, or maybe the owners start to look like their dogs, was on point.

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