People Are Losing It Over This New Men's Makeup Brand

Taran Underwood

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Are you a man who wants desperately to wear makeup? But, at the same time, are you a man who fears, probably more than anything, to be associated with anything that could be perceived as even slightly feminine? Well, you're in luck! War Paint is a new makeup brand that claims to be formulated specifically for men's skin. It's also not makeup, okay? It's war paint! You wear it to war! Or your job or whatever. Just like an ancient warrior would have before a battle, because you don't want to go war looking anything less than your best.

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Well, as you might imagine, people aren't loving the whole "it's not makeup it's a tougher, cooler thing for men, because makeup is for icky girls" angle. And Twitter is having a bit of a field day with this entire concept.

It's especially struck a nerve just as several other products have hit the market: including a tough, "punk rock" version of water.

In case you aren't aware, Liquid Death is a new brand of water that's *cool* because it's not in a lame bottle, but is instead in an aluminum can. And there's a skull on it. A very scary skull! Do you see the skull? Are you scared?

Wow, be careful! That's not just water, it's Liquid Death! Which is definitely a thing you would read and say to yourself "well, I better put that in my body right now, it promises the sweet release of death!" But it's still not quite as over the top as calling your brand of men's tinted moisturizer War Paint.

But leave it to former brand ambassador Brian Alford to bring the true, ultimate comedic take. He'd been recruited by War Paint to help plug their product on Instagram, but apparently they didn't like what he came up with, because he was dropped by the brand. Who can say why?

This unboxing goes on for 12 videos, and it's quite a ride. Maybe not as wild as drinking Liquid Death and wearing War Paint, but pretty close.