People Are Confused by This UK Grocery Store's "American Food"

Taran Underwood

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When you think of "American food" you might think of cheeseburgers, American cheese, cheese french fries, or something fried with cheese. Basically take a cheese and put a food on it and you have American food. But one grocery store in the UK is confusing Twitter users with an aisle they designated for "American food" that contains lots of things Americans have never even seen before. This is leading a lot of American internet users to wonder if the world dislikes us even more than we originally thought?

Firstly, many are confused at the idea of baking soda being a food, let alone an American food. It's a common ingredient in most baking, and also the thing Americans put in their refrigerators to conceal the smell of all the healthy food they're leaving to rot while they order takeout.

Another thing that's left several Americans beside themselves are these hot dogs in a jar. For anyone unfamiliar with hot dogs: they are not usually found inside jars. Jars might be where you get the pickles to make the relish that goes on the hot dog. But a pickled hot dog? Why? How?

The only thing that appears to be correct, from a unanimous perspective, are the junk food and candy options. It's true, most Americans can be convinced of anything if offered enough Pop-Tarts, and we do eat literal candy for breakfast (though we do turn it into cereal first.) But still, baking soda??