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Peculiar Looking Fruits and Veggies That Made Us LOL


| LAST UPDATE 12/15/2022

By Conner Goodman

The tendency to perceive familiar things in otherwise unrelated objects is called pareidolia, and it can be a pretty funny experience. Here's a list of some hilarious-looking fruits and veggies that had us doing a double-take.

Running Radish

At first glance, this odd-looking vegetable may seem like it's running towards you, but don't fret! Because it's just a radish...a radish with tiny arms and long legs. It even looks like it has a person's head.

walking hilarious radish fruitwalking hilarious radish fruit
Old Reddit via u/DEHAMA

The Japanese daikon radish typically comes out quite large. This specific veggie went above and beyond its expected size. We're still curious how the farmer yanked this thing out of the ground. Either way, we're happy this running radish made it out with all its limbs because it made for a great picture.


It's hard not to see how this sweet red strawberry looks uncanny to a chicken, with its little nose, to the small feathers. This case of pareidolia is seriously messing with our eyes. As it did with the people who found the interesting-looking fruit.

bird fruit strawberriebird fruit strawberrie
Facebook via Grove Farm, Bonnyrigg

Farmers, Reuben and April Welch, posted the picture of the "Chickberry" after they dug it up at Grove Farm in Bonnyrigg. They also found it to be funny and even captioned their image, "Going to have to eat this chicken as it hasn’t laid a single bloody egg yet."

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He Who Shall Not Be Baked

It's arguably pretty difficult to find someone who doesn't enjoy eating potatoes. But, we're going to go ahead and take a wild guess and say Harry Potter wouldn't get near this one. This pareidolia potato has us convinced its Lord Voldermort's long-lost cousin. The lips and missing nose look almost identical to the darkest wizard of all time's face.

potato high weed funnypotato high weed funny
Imgur via meebit

Or maybe the pareidolia makes this spud look like an actual 'baked' potato? This poor vegetable looks like it could use some magic or maybe some munchies to liven it up again. Wherever this odd-looking tator is at today, we hope he's looking better than he did in this picture.

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Angry Onion

It's probably easy to guess what this purple onion resembles. Unless, of course, you lived under a rock back in the early 2010s. The Angry Birds saga was all the rage and, while the admiration for the app may have gone down, those unhappy faces are hard to forget. 

angry bird face onion angry bird face onion
Imgur via uDzrY1t

One look at this picture, and we can't help but see the bird's angry face right there in this vegetable. We're wondering if the onion might have been spoiled or if the characters from the game wanted to come back and haunt grocery shoppers for not playing anymore.

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Yam Hand

This mysterious veggie had us doing a double-take because it looks nearly the same as a human hand does! Finding this creepy vegetable in a garden must really cause a fright. With 4 long fingers and one folded thumb, what a hilarious yet freaky accident!

leek yam hand veggieleek yam hand veggie
Old Reddit via u/pm_me_ur_bussy

Don't let pareidolia fool you, because luckily, it's not a human body part it's just a yam! That must have been a huge relief for whoever picked it to find that out. Hopefully, they were able to turn a scary situation sweet by cooking up some candied yams.

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Scary Pumpkin

If you are a Little Shop of Horrors fan, then you might know where we're going with this next one. Whatever these pumpkin farmers put in the soil turned this fruit into something that eerily resembles Audrey II. The seeds confuse our eyes into seeing it as a set of teeth.

growing pumpkin teethgrowing pumpkin teeth
Old Reddit via u/lokigivesmeloves

Pumpkins are arguably best known for representing Halloween, so whoever got to go home with this pumpkin probably didn't need to carve it into a jack-o-lantern. Since this fruit looks like a freaky monster that fits in well with Halloween decorations.

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Picture Perfect Radish

The first time we saw this radish, we thought it looked familiar. It resembled Kate Winslet in the Titanic when she said, "Paint me like one of your French girls." We can't help but see the hilarious comparison. The way it looks like it's laying down waiting for Jack to come and paint the portrait.

sexy looking radish funnysexy looking radish funny
Imgur via the2belo

Pareidolia can truly make the most mundane items look hilarious. We're curious what it took to make a radish end up looking so ravishing? We're gonna go ahead and guess that this happy accident was because the radish was overgrown when farmers first picked it.

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Snail Melon

Our eyes are being deceived by looking at this picture. We can't tell if it's an oddly-colored snail or a growing watermelon. Even though it may not look like it, it is indeed the latter. The two-toned green lines would soon become a delicious summer fruit.

melon snail weird hilariousmelon snail weird hilarious
Old Reddit via u/snaz27

It's crazy how much the watermelon resembled the tiny sluggish animal. And while some people may enjoy eating escargot, we probably would opt out of eating this "snail." Not because we're judging how looks, of course, but because it seems like it's nowhere near ripe enough.

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Eggplant Face

This eggplant made us do a double-take. What kind of seed was needed to make this fruit (yes, it's a fruit) look almost exactly like a human face? It's pretty hard to miss the big nose, tiny eyes, the straight smiled lips, and even the green stem that makes it look like a small hat.

eggplant face funny fruiteggplant face funny fruit
Imgur via GXXyO

Once again, pareidolia has created a hilarious experience for our eyes. But it also has us feeling weird about eating something that so closely resembled our very own face. Instead, this eggplant should maybe be hung up in an art gallery for its peculiar look.

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Milkweed Bird

Although milkweed isn't technically a fruit nor a vegetable, it is a flowering plant. And in our book, that's close enough to be placed on this pareidolia list. Especially since it has us believing we are looking at a picture of birds hanging out together.

flower bird fruit veggieflower bird fruit veggie
Imgur via thingamajiggy

Whoever found these plants most likely saw the same thing, which may be why they placed the bird-looking flower around the glass cup. Whether it resembles a hummingbird or a few parrots, no one needs to worry about the flower flying around their home.

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It's surprising to learn that this lemon was not created in a lab. Even though pareidolia makes it look so similar to an elephant. The trunk turns in perfectly, the ears are there, and even the legs all look like the animals. What a magnificent coincidence.

lemon elephant weird shapelemon elephant weird shape
Imgur via Fink

If it were us that found this lemelephant we would probably use a different citrus fruit for our lemonade recipe. Because this cool find should be placed on a shelf to display to the world. Or maybe it should have been given to a zoo for children to enjoy.

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Spicy Dinosaur

It seems like this veggie has time-traveled back from years ago. Because this jalapeño could easily be mistaken for a dinosaur. It's crazy how nature could construct a fruit so perfectly. The color of this spicy pepper has somehow formed the teeth and even the eyes of the extinct creature.

dino jalapeno fruitdino jalapeno fruit
Old Reddit via u/AberrantDevices

It's almost like dinosaurs wanted to make a bold comeback. And what better way to do so than to reincarnate as a fruit that's sure to give people a kick in their food. Maybe we're giving this T-Rex too much credit because, after all, it is just pareidolia messing with our retinas.

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It must be scary to be cutting into a tomato for a salad, and all of a sudden a freaky-looking face is staring back at you. We're betting that's probably what occurred when the founder of the tomateeth saw this pareidolia fruit. It's hard to ignore this kind of face while eating.

teeth face tomato fruitteeth face tomato fruit
Twitter via @_AlexHirsch

Hopefully, the next tomato they grabbed to use didn't have such a creepy appearance… or no appearance at all! This makes us wonder if we've ever been munching on a meal so fast that we missed a pareidolia experience. Guess we've got to keep an eye out.

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Beeting Heart

A beeting heart… LOL. Because this beet looks so similar to a human's heart. It was hard not to make that silly pun since the vegetable is naturally a vibrant red color as is a real beating heart, it's nearly uncanny to one another. Except of course one is edible and the other is not.

beet looks like heartbeet looks like heart
Reddit via u/kashikat

Pareidolia makes this particular vegetable's two upper stems look like the two ventricles working inside our bodies as you read this. This beetroot is truly extraordinary, it even looks like it may be the same size as the real thing. Good thing it isn't though or that wouldn't be good for the owner.

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Ginger Thumb

It's unbelievable how many fruits and vegetables can look like such real body parts. At first glance, this piece of ginger appears to be a human's thumb. Thankfully, no one is missing a finger, because this is just another strange case of pareidolia.

ginger finger fruit weirdginger finger fruit weird
Old Reddit via u/Charlie_Blackwater

This spice has formed in such a way that we can see the fingernail, the knuckle, and even some wrinkles. Is it possible this little thumb has the rest of its fellow fingers running around in someone's kitchen? Or was this silly accident a one-of-a-kind experience?

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Potato Lobster

Coming out of, what looks like this potato's eyeballs, is a set of long sprouts that resemble antennas. Making this starchy vegetable look like a protein-packed lobster. When in reality, what the image shows is just a classic carb-filled root veggie.

funny sweet potato veggiefunny sweet potato veggie
Old Reddit via u/bradfs14

It's too bad it's just our eyes deceiving us, or the combination of those two food types would have created a nice meal. Guess we'll have to continue buying our spuds and lobsters separately. Oh well, hopefully, the founders of this odd spud enjoyed the potato.

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Hugging Carrot

This picture made us say "aww" out loud because it's just so cute! Who knew vegetables were capable of such affection? Maybe these two adorable carrots grew together in the soil and just could not bear the pain of being separated, so they held on to each other for life.

hugging carrot veggie fruithugging carrot veggie fruit
Imgur via YZTBjZ5

From the garden to the stomach of their consumer, they went through it side by side. Overall, it's a win-win situation for all. Because, whoever got the chance to stumble across these orange veggies, probably got two for the price of one. What a steal!

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Foot Radish

This radish may look exceptionally interesting, but if we saw it at the market, we'd opt for a different veggie. Not only did this root vegetable come out looking exactly like a human foot, it somehow managed to perfectly grow 5 toes! That's a crazy coincidence if you ask us.

veggie foot radishveggie foot radish
Old Reddit via u/Nine_Fingers

Although, maybe this odd-shaped radish could help solve parents all over the world's problem with getting children to eat their healthy servings of veggies. They could make a themed dinner where each item on the plate resembles a silly real-life item.

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Butterfly Tomato

Earth really does produce remarkable things. For example, this tomato without a doubt is shaped like a butterfly. It has similar wings and even the abdomen of the flying insect. Not to mention the green stem could probably easily be mistaken for the antennas.

butterfly tomato fruitbutterfly tomato fruit
Old Reddit via u/Kr1tya3

Although, if we look closely at this picture, it seems like maybe it was actually two tomatoes that got stuck together to create this pareidolia fruit. But, no matter how this happy accident happened, the butterfly tomato, without a doubt, is funny to look at.

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Sweet Seal

Sweet potatoes usually all tend to look the same. They each are created to look like a large football-shaped veggie. But, for some reason, this specific spud decided it wanted to be unique and formed a similar shape to a seal. It's quite simple to spot the little head and the animal's body.

sweet potato looks like sealsweet potato looks like seal
Reddit via u/Neb519

Honestly, we're kind of wishing all sweet tators looked like this one because it's adorable. Even if we'd most likely have a hard time cutting into and eating this veggie. Although maybe it would have tasted a bit sweeter than normal since it's so sweet-looking.

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Confident Carrot

This carrot looks like it has two realistic arms and two legs. The way it's been accidentally shaped makes it look so confident. Pareidolia has our brains really thinking that this vegetable resembles a tiny human being, with that stance and the swagger.

carrot with arms veggiecarrot with arms veggie
Imgur via VjXnqez

It's hard to cut into a carrot that looks like it's really living a happy life. Rather than throwing this root vegetable into our winter soup, we would probably prefer to have it as a knick-knack. If only all of them could be grown to look this awesome.

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When Two Emojis Unite

It's possible that if a person has spent any time on social media the last few years, they would be familiar with the eggplant emoji and the poop emoji. Both of them are arguably very popular, and funny enough, this eggplant has turned into a combination of them.

poop looking eggplantpoop looking eggplant
Old Reddit via u/SadOni0n

Instead of growing upwards, like eggplants usually do, this one decided to take a turn. Hopefully, that's the first and last time this hilarious ancient occurs. Because we don't think anyone would enjoy eating a fruit that looks like a... well you know.

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Screaming Eggplant

It's possible that as children fruit might have freaked us out but, as adults, we can handle it. Unless, of course, we came face to face with this particular eggplant. Pareidolia has our eyes viewing the inside of the fruit as a screaming face. It's hard to miss the open mouth and piercing eyes.

eggplant face funny fruiteggplant face funny fruit
Old Reddit via u/allDrinkOfLaCroix

We're curious as to what kind of seed was possibly used to make this eggplant so angry. We guess it will remain a mystery forever. All we know is if we were the ones who had to cut into this fruit and see what was waiting for us, we would have probably screamed right back at it.

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Onion Face

Cutting into an onion usually causes human beings to involuntarily tear up a bit. Well based on this picture, it's possible that the opposite happens to the vegetable itself. This close-up of a white onion almost looks like it's blushing and laughing.

onion face funnyonion face funny
Reddit via u/poker_kid

Or maybe it's just a quirky pareidolia experience happening in our brains. Because at the end of the day, it's not a real face smiling back at us, it's just the inner working of a vegetable that accidentally resembles a person's facial expressions. It's crazy what our eyes can trick us into seeing!

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Tomato Trunk

Art can be seen in various objects in this universe, for example, this tomato. If you look closely, it's possible to notice a trunk, 4 legs, and maybe even a small smiling mouth. Altogether, these figures unite to look like this vegetable is shaped like an elephant.

elephant tomato fruit veggieelephant tomato fruit veggie
Reddit via u/jake_megabyte

But once again, we're actually just experiencing pareidolia. Because, in reality, this elephant is edible, unlike the real animal of course. Although, this tomato is just too adorable to put inside our salads. We'd rather admire the accidental creation.

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Carrot Hand

A glance at this image, and it's quite obvious what this carrot looks like. With a base that acts as the palm, and 5 pieces coming out of it, it's without a doubt that our brain is confusing this vegetable with a real human hand. Even though, it looks a bit thicker than normal.

hand carrot pareidolia hand carrot pareidolia
Reddit via u/Moby-Dickens

One of the carrots is even sticking out to perfectly resemble a real thumb. We're wondering whether the cashier charged the buyer of this unusual mistake for the price of one or the price of 5. Either way, that customer got pretty lucky finding this veggie.

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Sad Carrot

Whoever found this huge carrot saw a picture-perfect opportunity. Since pareidolia makes this root vegetable look so similar to a sad human crouching down, the founder placed it in a bowl of soup. This is ironic because soups usually include onion, celery, and well, carrots.

sad carrot in soupsad carrot in soup
Imgur via obvincognito

It's quite difficult not to easily recognize the parts of the carrot that closely resemble two legs bent upwards and two hands hugging the orange veggie. Hopefully, no one ate this root vegetable, because it looks like it has enough sadness in its life.

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Tomato Duck

Nope, look again, this is in fact not a red rubber duck. It's actually a tomato! Somehow the fruit ended up resembling an animal so similarly. If it was colored yellow, we'd probably squeeze it thinking it's a toy, and accidentally end up smashing the fruit.

tomato looks like ducktomato looks like duck
Imgur via Gedogfx

Luckily whoever saw this tomato didn't make that mistake, or we wouldn't get to enjoy the silly image. Pareidolia really makes our eyes experience crazy things but, in this case, it's difficult not to notice the beak and tiny cute head of this tomato duck.

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Kissing Pears

These hanging fruits made us do a double-take. What exactly are we looking at here? Although it may look like mangoes, it's two pears...that look like they are kissing! LOL, pareidolia may be odd but, it's without a doubt, a hilarious phenomenon. It's fascinating what nature creates sometimes.

pears pareidolia kissingpears pareidolia kissing
Imgur via Purrfectme2

But are these in love pears cute or strange? We can't decide. Maybe the two fruits fell for each other as baby seeds and just couldn't let the other one go. It's honestly pretty adorable! Plus whoever got to eat it was blessed with two rather than one sweet fruit.

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Scared Bell Pepper

If we opened up our refrigerator and saw these three bell peppers staring back at us, that fridge door would be closed immediately. At first, pareidolia makes it look like these fruits (yes, they are technically not a vegetable) look like three screaming faces.

pareidolia  fruits and veggiespareidolia  fruits and veggies
Reddit via u/denyjazz

It's hard for our eyes to see anything but terrified faces. Since each one of these bell pepper has an opened mouth and wide eyes. What could have possibly made these vegetables so frightened? Maybe they saw what happened to the other half of them...

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We're wondering how it was possible for this fruit to grow in such detail that it looks nearly identical to a real-life bear. Not only does it have four legs, but the face of the strawbeary is no doubt the same shape as the animals. It even has a different color to separate it from the rest of its body!

funny strawberry shape bearfunny strawberry shape bear
taybow386 via Imgur

Honestly, if we were the ones who stumbled across this gem, instead of eating it, we would have chosen to frame the strawberry-bear hybrid. After all, how could we have taken a bite from this naturally made magnificent creation? We could never consume such a work of art.

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Hugging Eggplant

It's not often that fruits or vegetables make us say "aww," but we just couldn't help it after seeing the hugging eggplant. Pareidolia is making this veggie look like it's begging for us to wrap our arms around it. We wonder if he's just really friendly or maybe is feeling sad...

eggplant funny vegetable shapeseggplant funny vegetable shapes
u/MelButts22 via Reddit

But honestly, with its two cute small hands, how could we reject him? If we had been the ones who found him, we would have kept the eggplant as a knick-knack so others could have a laugh each time they saw it - rather than cut the veggie up and roast it in the oven!

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Mom & Baby Carrot

One look at this image, and it's without a doubt that our eyes will be confused trying to interpret what they are looking at. The shape of these carrots has made it look like they are two people - one is a small baby who is hugging the larger veggie very tightly.

funny carrot vegetable artfunny carrot vegetable art
Krazyfranco via imgur

Could the larger one possibly be the mom of the tiny orange vegetable? We can't be sure, all we know is that it is adorable the way that our eyes are perceiving the carrots. Pareidolia really can make the most simple daily object look extremely peculiar!

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Potato Bear

We can't lie - this potato made us do a double-take. From the shape of the body to the two tiny hands and even the exact same placements of the two eyes and even a mouth. This hearty vegetable somehow managed to look eerily similar to how a teddy bear looks!

teddy bear potato shapeteddy bear potato shape
u/LOF_stayClassy via Reddit

Earth truly can create some remarkable items, the combination of a real-life animal and a delicious vegetable is usually unthinkable. Yet someone out there managed to stumble upon the creation. We would have never guessed that a potato could look so, well, adorable.

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Extra Sweet Sweet Potato

Many of us are arguably already familiar with a sweet potato. Unlike the regular yellow kind, these orange vegetables have a mildly sweet flavor... hence the name. But this specific potato that was picked straight from the ground seems to be extra delightful.

sweet potato shape heartsweet potato shape heart
u/babasexfear via Reddit

It looks like maybe two potatoes accidentally attached to one another and formed a heart as a consequence. It's pretty cute, the two veggies wanted to be together so badly that they not only held on to each other, but they turned into the shape that represents love. We bet if we cooked it, it would be extra sweet!

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Pareidolia has our eyes deceived after looking at this picture because they can't tell whether or not this strawberry is a fruit... or a fish? The shape of it looks so much like a jellyfish! Hopefully, this one doesn't sting if a person was to take a bite...ouch.

jellyfish strawberry fruit shapejellyfish strawberry fruit shape
u/mc__der via Reddit

But luckily for whoever picked this creation, it's not really a sea creature. It may look like one, but in reality, it is just a fruit that probably has a sweet delicious flavor. We're curious as to what kind of seed needed to be planted to create such an eye-boggling formation.

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Astronaut Carrot

It's uncanny just how much this large deformed carrot resembles an astronaut. Or maybe pareidolia has our eyes thinking this vegetable looks more like the Marvel character Hulk. Either way, we can't deny that this is one hilarious coincidence that nature made!

astronaut carrot pareidolia veggieastronaut carrot pareidolia veggie
UsmanJohn via Imgur

Although this orange vegetable tastes delicious in soups, this carrot seems like he may be too strong and mighty to be just be thrown into our winter soups. Instead, we'd rather just admire the accidental creation. Whoever found this gem is one lucky person.

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