Parents Invent Clever Cheat To Stop Their Child From Crying

Taran Underwood

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Being a parent is a tireless and thankless job. Mom and dad will do just about anything to get a few seconds of peace and quiet. However, being in two places at once is not always an easy task right? right? wrong!  A genius mom has finally figured out how and we can't believe we didn't think of it first.

Mama Fuki Sato has a baby boy who is still very much in the 'I want mommy' phase and it makes it impossible for her to leave the room. So, she creatively thought of the idea to cut out life-size cardboard images of herself so that every time her son turned around, he saw his mother.

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Fuki's husband then posted two photographs on Twitter and people were amazed at how well their tactic worked. In both images, the cardboard is just a little bit out of her son's reach so that he doesn't discover their secrets. They have made a standing figure and a sitting one too. However, the son is never properly left alone (in case you were worried). Dad is always not far away.

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The caption on the clips read: "It's hard because my one-year-old child cries as soon as mum disappears. As a countermeasure, I experimented with what would happen if I set up a 'life-sized panel mother'."

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There is no doubt about it, its a genius idea. The plan works pretty well for this family and there is a clip where you can see him having a great time with his toys, checking to see that cardboard mom is around, and then returns to what he was doing. I'd say it's only a matter of time until all parents are getting dolled up for their cardboard photoshoots...



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