Hey, Parents Get Hungry Too! Inside TikTok's Hilarious Trend


| LAST UPDATE 12/04/2022

By Lily Tipton
Funny Parenting TikTok Snacks
@kerrykmr via Instagram

Kids have it hard: They may have the snack of their desires in their hands, but one critical obstacle stands between them and their treat - they can't get it open. So what do they do? Well, they have no choice but to turn to the one they depend on the most, their leaders in life, and ask their parents to open it for them. But can they be entrusted with this task? A hilarious TikTok video portraying this interaction has the internet in stitches, as many can't help but relate to the mischievous antics that go down…

Under the username @funnyentKenyatis Jones has risen through the ranks of TikTok thanks to his hilariously relatable comedy videos. As a parent himself, he knows exactly what goes on behind the scenes, the hysterical ways parents deal with the overwhelming challenge of parenting. His latest video, in which he demonstrates the funny way parents open snacks for their kids, has found him new levels of fame, as it seems he has depicted the experiences of many. 

Funny TikTok Parenting Snacks
@sportsmadmum via Instagram
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With the caption, "why do they do this," Jones's daughter can be seen asking her father to open a range of sweet treats. On every occasion, he opens the snack and takes a bite or sip before returning it to the child. In the last instance, when Jones is handed a tray of cupcakes, he takes a bite out of one and stuffs the rest of it back in the box. 

@funnyent Why do they do this @skylar0922 🤔🤔🤔😂😂😂😂😂 #foryou #fyp #kids #lmao #funnyent #thatboyfunny ♬ original sound - Thatboyfunny

Within minutes, the comments section was filled with amused parents who laughed at the accuracy of the portrayal. "I am not allowed to open anything because of this same situation," one comment revealed. "My mom used to say [she was doing that] because she was making sure it wasn't poisonous," reminisced another. A group of people jokingly suggested that the bite counts as a parental tax, "a small munching fee," in fact. "Like the government, gotta collect taxes," joked one user. "My kids learned how to open their stuff real quick," another agreed. After all, those kids gotta learn sharing is caring!

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