‘Outfit of the Day’ Clip Goes Hilariously Wrong


| LAST UPDATE 04/26/2022

By Lily Tipton
funny viral tiktok fail
@kateylorrell via Instagram

The majority of us have found ourselves watching an OOTD (outfit of the day) video on TikTok at some point in our lives. You know the ones - an influencer walks us through their chosen outfit for the day, and we desperately take notes to try and channel it into our own daily fits. They make up a huge percentage of the videos on the social media platform, and therefore standing out amongst them can often be a challenge. But for Katey Bridges, her OOTD clip went viral - and not for the reason you'd expect...

It was just another regular day for the 26-year-old from Texas, who began to record her daily get ready with me video for her TikTok account. In the clip, we can see her setting her camera down on the floor in front of her and getting back up to show her outfit from a distance. However, the video takes a turn from her regular content when she bashes her hip against her bed's sharp corner and yells out in pain. "Ah!" she can be heard saying in a high-pitched voice before grabbing the phone to close down the video. Just before the clip ends, we catch a glimpse of her face in pain. That's it, folks. That's what got the internet buzzing and has caught the attention of over 10 million viewers.

Katey Bridges, Funny Viral
@kateylorrell via Instagram
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"Just trying to show my fit off, but the good Lord had other plans," Katey captioned the now-viral post. Within days, the comments section was filled with laughs as TikTok fans hilariously put the original clip in duet mode, posting their own videos alongside it, and adding instrumental effects to incorporate her comedic yelp of pain. From the Harry Potter theme song to the Fergalicious rap, creators thought of it all... and we can't stop laughing.

"I'm sorry about the pain you felt at that moment, but the videos that have come from are downright hilarious," wrote one viewer in reference to these duet posts. As for Katey? She's in on the fun, telling the Daily Dot, "it's been absolutely insane! I had no idea that me hurting myself would go viral. I absolutely love all of the duets and comments. People are so creative and funny. Just a simple outfit of the day video - gone wrong."

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