One Mom's Hilarious Take On Halloween

Scarlett Adler

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Every year, come October time, we seem to get a bit carried away with our costume concoctions. And this Brit mom is no exception.

Amyleigh Harrison, like the rest of us, has hopped on the creepy clown bandwagon that plagued 2019. Of course, you can bet we're referring to horror movie IT's latest sequel. And while we enjoy the thrill and horror, we're not so sure we'd subject our little ones to the same.

Harrison, clearly, feels otherwise. In fact, she went as far as to channel the terror into her sons' Halloween get up...and then brag about it on Facebook.

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We're not going to lie. It's pretty freaking hilarious. And best part? All the money saved on the ensemble equals more money for trick-or-treatin' goodies.

The mom of two took to the 'Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK page' to share the bargaining feet: 'Primark tights £2, Amazon wig and costume £19.' In other words, the legendary 'Pennywise' get up cost only around $25. Consider us impressed.

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Of course, you can bet Facebook had a field day with this one. And with around 30,000 likes and countless comments, we definitely consider this one a win. What about you guys?