One Dad's Hilarious 'Hack' Goes Viral

Scarlett Adler

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Dads can be so clueless sometimes. But perhaps that's what we love about them. With that cluelessness comes a slew of crafty hacks that we never would have thought of.

Just take this guy who took matters into his hilarious, own hands, after his little one wouldn't stop crying...

When a baby's incessant cries got in the way of his dad's phone time, the clueless father decided to take a stand. As reported on Passion News outlet, the first-time father was left on baby-watch duty by his wife, when his little one begun to cry. And so, he employed a series of hacks in order to satisfy both the baby and his smartphone needs...

What did the funnyman do?

Well for starters, he changed into his wife's pj's and plastered on a mask of her face.


But wait, it gets better. In another hilarious post, the dad is seen employing his own version of a rocking chair. Using a woven basket and a rope, he lures his smiling baby back and forth, all while lounging on his bed.

As seen in the video obtained above from Passion News, the rookie father had a lot of other tricks up his sleeve. These 'tricks' included a synthetic hand, which he tricked his baby into thinking was his own...all while he watched TV on his tablet.

And as you expected, his hilarious inventions have gotten him loads of praise on Chinese social media outlets, where it was discovered.


'Even if the mother wants to criticize the father, she wouldn't be able to find any excuses,' Passion News joked.

Well, what do you think? Negligent father or 2019's Father of the Year?


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