One Couple's Hilarious Engagement Fail

Scarlett Adler

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A romantic stroll along the scenic coastline. An elaborate helicopter ride. Whatever it is, you can bet that when one finally pops the question, it's going to be a moment both'll remember forever.

So naturally, when a mid-western man got down on one knee to his girlfriend of almost four years, they couldn't wait to capture the iconic moment. Little did they know the events that would transpire come that fateful photo shoot...

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Alyssa Snodsmith and Colin Hewett had been dating a while when Colin popped the question one memorable day. So naturally, the blissful pair couldn't wait for their followup proposal photo shoot, in which they'd capture the moment to cherish forever.

They decided to recreate a hilarious snap they discovered online, taken last October by photographer Brianna Bender. 'We just thought it was fun. It kinda just matches us. We just like to have fun,' Alyssa gushed to Buzzfeed News.

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The desired snap consisted of a champagne-shared moment, during a picnic outdoors. And so, they employed photographer-friend Chandler Lefever to help capture the moment. The excited pair headed to Naperville, Illinois to channel the seemingly easy pose.

In a hilarious twist of fate, the photo shoot didn't go as easily as they'd hoped. They 'found the right angle, but didn't find the right angle with the bottle,' Colin explained.

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'We were dying laughing,' Alyssa admitted. Chandler 'fell on his butt because he was laughing so hard.' But their bad luck ends there...

Countless tries and laughs later, they managed to get the perfect shot. And despite the hilarious fail, nobody, nor any attire - thanks to Alyssa's spare outfit, was harmed in the making.

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Of course, you can bet the gleeful lovebirds couldn't resists from sharing the priceless outtakes online. And sure enough, the internet had just as much of a field day with the snaps as the comical duo, gracing them with thousands of likes.