On-Air Reporter 'Ain't Messing' With Bison In Hilarious, Viral Clip

Scarlett Adler

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Oh, the joys of live television. Just last week, a reporter in Montana went viral after noticing a herd of bison headed his way, and, well, I'll let you see for yourself what happened next...

Deion Broxton, a broadcaster for KTVM, was reporting live from Yellowstone Park when he spotted the wild animals. Lucky for us, despite being live on-air, Broxton couldn't resist in speaking his mind.

“Three, two, oh my god. I ain’t messing with you. Oh no. I’m not messing with you,” Deion Broxton said.


While the intimidating bison weren't caught on camera, the hilarious reporter's commentary definitely brought the drama to our very homes. In fact, soon after Broxton safely evacuated to a different location, he gave viewers an all-too-real glimpse of the massive creatures.

No surprise, the unedited video has since taken the online world by storm, with users everywhere praising his hilarious encounter.

While the entire world is battling with COVID-19's horrifying pandemic, this interaction brings a much-needed ray of light to these dark times...