Runner Qualifies for Olympics While Sporting a Hilarious Accessory, and We're So Here For It


| LAST UPDATE 10/17/2021

By Kayla Black
Olympics Athlete Doritos Earrings
Marco Mantovani / Contributor via Getty Images

If you haven't already learned this icon's name, it's Christina Clemons. And based on her most recent spotlight moment, this athlete proved that she's not only passionate about track and field but about Doritos, too. So much so that Christina handcrafted and wore a pair of mini Dorito bag earrings to the Olympic qualifiers!

Christina Clemons Tokyo Olympics
Patrick Smith / Staff via Getty Images

That's right! This hurdle track star took her talents to the max tenfold when she qualified for the Tokyo Olympic team. After the race, Christina immediately took to Twitter to share the exciting news and shout out her mini creation of Cool Ranch Dorito earrings.

"Congrats on the accomplishment. Hit our DMs so we can talk," the official Doritos Twitter page said to Christina. And, seeing this, many users hopped onto the platform to share their opinions as well. "@Doritos y'all need to go ahead and sponsor this young lady's @Olympics dream journey," one person commented.

Christina Clemons Dorito Earrings
Steph Chambers / Staff via Getty Images

"This bold, intense, serious young woman should be sponsored by @Doritos. I can imagine an ad of her running with flames coming from her shoes as she goes around the track. Support our Olympic athletes!" said someone else. Doritos spoke up, and we imagine it totally made Clemons' day for a second time!

Tokyo Olympic Qualifier Doritos
Andy Lyons / Staff via Getty Images

"An icon...this is your moment," the official Doritos Twitter page said while retweeting Christina's legendary announcement. As far as we can tell, there's a pretty high chance the chip company will either come out with a Clemon's collection or that she will get free Doritos for life! It sounds like a win-win either way if you ask us.

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Christina Clemons Dorito Earrings
Steph Chambers / Staff via Getty Images

After completing the 100-meter hurdles, Clemons could barely keep herself together during an emotional interview. And while the athlete shared some touching words, people couldn't help but focus on the unique Dorito earrings. We'll be crossing our fingers for more funny accessories this Olympics! And of course, congrats on your double victory, Clemons!