Baby on Board: News Anchor Parents Go Viral


| LAST UPDATE 08/17/2022

By Tabitha Woodcock
news anchor viral parent
Instagram via @abc7robert

These famous news anchor parents took their roles to the extreme after waking up their daughter. Upon filming the morning routine, their video went viral on TikTok. But with news anchoring in their blood, it's only their nature to announce everything as breaking news! Over to you, Jeanette and Robert...

And, we're live. It is a beautiful morning today on Baby News Network (BNN), and parents Jeanette and Robert documented the week's top story. Jeanette Reyes, news anchor for Fox5 DC, and her husband, Robert Burton (7News D.C.), put their talents together in a TikTok special, taking their followers through their daughter's day. It was posted on Jeanette's account, @msnewslady, and is the most genius yet adorable story ever! Jeanette woke up their daughter, Bella, at 9:52 a.m. It was the calm before the storm as she turned it over to Robert for a weather breakdown. Brace yourselves, as Robert predicted a morning of "spit-ups, feedings, and diaper changes." It was a morning fiasco, as J.R. announced "an explosion in the diaper station," thankfully with "no injuries." Not to worry, though. They had it completely under control back in the studio. So, how did the Reyes/Burton duo decide to turn their anchoring profession into viral comedy?

News Anchor Parents Baby
@msnewslady via Instagram
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The Washingtonian interviewed the Fox5 DC anchor, and it turns out this is not the first time they have taken advantage of their mono-tone dialogue! Jeanette mentioned how the pair always used to humor family and friends with their iconic anchor voice, which became a running joke for quite some time. They took a break for a while, but their friends suggested if they ever had children, it had to make a comeback. Well, months later, baby Bella was the latest headline. Reyes also talked about her work outside the studio and how she rehearsed to perfect the anchor tone in the most natural way. So, the real question here is: why do anchors talk like that? Reyes confirmed the anchor voice is very distinct, and it is important not to specify which region the anchor originated and is reporting from. For that matter, the news anchor's voice must attract all markets, so the accent must be "neutralized." Thanks for clearing that up, Jeanette!


When both of your parents are anchors

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So, will we be hearing more breaking news from BNN? Reyes did reveal "the pressure is on" for a series, which will star her husband as the perfect co-host. Still, they think it might be impossible to top their first announcement. What was most important to them was that their debut made their followers laugh and smile! That's all from us now, thanks for tuning in. 

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