Comedians Organize Viral Snowball Fight


| LAST UPDATE 02/06/2022

By Conner Goodman
snowball fight new york
@naeemdouglas via Instagram

With nearly 1,200 flights being canceled and heaps of snow coming in, it was expected to be another cold winter day on the East Coast. But, in true New York style, the residents of the city didn't let the below-freezing temperatures stop them from having a great day. Here's what to know about the hilarious snowball fight going viral online.

The Kenan snowstorm was announced on January 28, by Mayor Eric Adams, after he advised a 24 hour State of Emergency. "It's high winds, heavy snow, blizzard conditions - all the elements of a classical nor'easter," warned Governor Kathy Hochul. It was reported by the National Weather Service that there were around 1 - 2 inches of snowfall falling per hour! Some areas, like Central Park, even reached upwards of 8 inches! Let's just say there was a ton of white snow to go around - especially at Washington State Park, where hundreds of NY residents came together on Saturday the 29th for an impromptu snowball fight. The entire situation looked like it came out of a Hallmark Christmas movie.

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It's been said that the funny exchange was actually set up by comedians, Sidetalk, who posted about it online. But we don't think they expected such a huge and successful turnout. It looked as though everyone there was having a great time. It even made many people jealous they weren't a part of the fun. One person even tweeted, "There was a huge snowball fight in Washington square park today and I missed it! Wow, it feels like New York is finally New York-ing." Another complained how he sadly had to stay indoors, "Wow they having a snowball fight in Washington square park of New York City today I know that's gone be lit we suck out here!" 

viral snowball fight nyc
@whatisnewyork via Instagram

While some were stuck indoors and others participated in the snowball fight, hundreds of other locals used the snow to their advantage. Some were sledding down the streets, making snowmen - and one person even brought out his ski gear! It seemed like almost everyone found a silver lining to blizzard Kenan, and we love to see it! Until next time, stay tuned.

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