This #NapkinChallenge Is Utter Chaos and We Love It


| LAST UPDATE 08/12/2022

By Lily Tipton
viral tiktok napkin prank
Instagram via @dontcallmemorgen

When one wakes up in the morning and opens their TikTok app, it's anyone's guess as to what they will find. There's no shortage of crazy ideas out there - and the internet is full of people willing to try them. This latest #NapkinChallenge may not be one of the wildest trends to spread across the internet, but boy is it funny. Most importantly of all, it takes minimal effort to get involved! All you'll need is a t-shirt you're happy to rip and some friends! Here we go...

The challenge usually begins with the person behind the camera showing off a mess they have managed to get all over their hands and then asking their mate for a napkin. Rather than hand them a napkin, the friend turns to face a third person, ripping the shirt off their back and giving it to the camera person. On paper, this may not sound like the funniest concept, but for whatever reason, when it comes to life on camera, everyone involved cannot stop laughing! It's ridiculous and chaotic - but it's TikTok at its best. 

Napkin Challenge TikTok Trend
@yomelaogram via Instagram
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This peculiar yet hilarious trend began in early June but began to make it big in July. Since its origin, there have been multiple approaches to the trend, with many giving it their own creative spin. From ripped scrubs to people in skeleton morph suits, there are many hysterical and odd ways to get the job done. One entry posted by @usernameunavailable088 received multiple comments of praise, as people were incredibly impressed by her effortless rip. "That was the cleanest rip ever," a user commented. "BRO RIPPED IT LIKE IT WAS NOTHIN," another laughed.

@usernameunavailable088 Lmaoao pt 2 #MakeNightsEpic #fypシ #fyp #napkin #doyouhaveanapkin ♬ original sound - Tik Toker

Others weren't so smooth with their t-shirt ripping technique, making for even funnier content. @jackson.klein99's video had over 38,000 people laughing when they showcased their more aggressive approach to gathering the custom napkin. The countless videos with the associated hashtag have now accumulated over 231.9 Million views on the app. If you're looking to get in on the fun, it's easy to make that happen in a matter of minutes. Be careful, though - there's no telling which side of the napkin you will end up on!

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