Mum Is Too Honest About Her Son's Tardiness


| LAST UPDATE 10/17/2021

By Kayla Black

When you're in school, that morning alarm is not exactly your best friend. You're most likely going to hit snooze until you have about 5 seconds to get ready and you'll still end up being late. However, what's the worst that could happen to you besides detention with your mates?

Unlucky for this guy, his mom decided to take the school's side when it came to his tardiness. Although she was being serious, you can't help but laugh at the classic teenage boy problems this poor mum is experiencing with her son.

Lad Bible

Suzanne is clearly not a woman who hides how she feels. Although she was being a little too honest, anyone who knows or has a teenage boy will understand exactly where she's coming from.

"So, my son was late for high school this morning for the third day in a row because, true to that text, he just cannot move himself on a school morning!" said Suzanne.


"He's not interested in anything unless it's on the Xbox, he literally spends 20 minutes in the shower on a school morning and doesn't even pop open the shower gel, so literally stands there and gets wet! He had a pile of socks on his bed and yet 10 minutes before the bell rings he complains, 'I can't find any socks.'

[He] walks out of his room, realizing he's going to be late. I tell him to have a good day and that I love him and receive a grunt of 'urghhhhhh' in reply instead of actually replying to me, all with a lunge of the head," Suzanne said.


Now I know there a few teenagers reading this thinking that Suzanne needs to loosen up a bit, but the woman has a point.

For some reason, being an adolescent comes with thinking that you can do whatever you want with no consequences. When this boy is out of school and eventually comes to realize that waking up on time is the only way to put food on the table, I can guarantee he won't be spending too much time looking for socks that are right in front of him.


"I then watch him walk down the street at the pace of a snail. By this time I'd had enough of the hormonal mood swing, he had only been up 30 minutes maximum," she said.

Ah, the pace of teenage boys. Is there any other species on planet earth that could manage to make a snail look like a cheetah? Trust an adolescent to waste time while he's wasting time. However, this kid better start running because Suzanne is coming in hot!


"So, when I then received a text from the school student services desk asking for a reason why he was late, instead of my usual 'slept in' I went IN and gave them the full explanation as to why, and to hopefully brighten their morning.

"I have yet to receive a reply."


I wouldn't hold my breath there Suzzi, I don't think the school ever received such an honest response in the history of time. She's kind of a genius, what else is the school going to do besides tell her she's 100% right?

Mom's win again.