Mom Shares Hilarious Hack to Tell Triplets Apart


| LAST UPDATE 04/21/2022

By Riley Hammond
hilarious triplets TikTok video
Nancy R. Cohen via Getty Images

No matter how many kids you have, being a parent is always going to be somewhat of a challenge. But the most difficult situation just might be when all of your children look the exact same. Like this mother, who came up with a hilariously clever way to tell her identical triplets apart.

Super-mom Amy Jo found herself among the 60,000 (at least!) mothers with three identical children born on the same day. Like most other parents of identical triplets, she had to find a solution to figuring out which baby was which. Luckily, her sister-in-law came to her rescue with a hilarious one - she applied nail polish to the infants' toenails, giving each child a distinct color. Henrik was painted in bright blue, Thomas was assigned the color red, and James found himself rocking an adorable shade of green. Amy Jo shared an adorable TikTok video that showed the triplets' painted toenails, and they quickly gained new fans on social media.

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According to their mother, this hilarious hack was a lifesaver, even if she usually was able to tell the difference between the three children just by looking at them. Apparently, it comes in handy "when it's 3am and you haven't slept in three months because you just had triplets," she laughed. We feel the pain. She left a comment on the TikTok video, writing, "Thankfully, they've only worn off one at a time so we think we're in the clear." LOL. We'd add a few extra coats, though - just in case.

funny parenting hacks tiktok
Nida Saeed / EyeEm via Getty Images

But in all seriousness, the triplets' mother explained how important it is to make sure to be able to instantly differentiate between identical siblings. According to her, parents should be able to tell right away when it comes to allergies, illnesses, medications, food intake, and who responds to which name. Not only that, but colored nail polish also helps a lot when the babies are surrounded by people other than their parents - who may not be able to tell them apart as instantly as mom and dad. Seeing that the video has gone viral on TikTok, gaining more than 1.5 million likes, we're sensing more parents will be using this nail polish hack now. We just hope they'll be blessing our feeds with more adorably funny videos like this one!

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