Monkeys Steal Coronavirus Samples After Assaulting a Lab Assistant. Huh??

Taran Underwood

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<p>Baby monkey</p>

This is straight bananas.

Recent reports out of India are saying that a group of monkeys – yes, monkeys – attacked a lab assistant near Meerut Medical College in Delhi and made off with several COVID-19 blood samples.

Are these primates working on a cure? Do they know something we don't? Unfortunately, the answer is probably not, as one of them was later seen chewing on one sample in a tree.

Three patients who were waiting on test results had to get their blood drawn again. Imagine being the one who had to explain to them what happened: "Yeah, we're going to need you to come back in for another test because a monkey stole the last one."


Apparently, this latest attack is just one of several examples of apes bugging out in India where "lockdown measures in the last two months are believed to have emboldened the monkeys."

Other local reports suggest that monkeys have been getting increasingly comfortable with humans in crowded areas to try and get their hands on food scraps. Experts have warned against feeding the primates as it could cause coronavirus to mutate and infect their species.

Even outside of India, monkeys have been HOT in the streets. A video went viral in early May of a monkey in Indonesia trying to drag away a small child after pulling up on a mini motorbike.

Keep your eyes peeled, folks.